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BREAKING: A SECOND Warrant Issued in Nevada for Brinton Luggage Theft

A second felony warrant was issued for Sam Brinton, who is accused of stealing luggage from Harry Reid International Airport (Las Vegas).

In a new video, I explain why I spoke out at LGBTQ Nation on the Sam Brinton scandal. Groups like NCLR Born Perfect and the Trevor Project let down the LGBTQ Community. Sam’s story never added up. They didn’t care. This is a scandal of corporate greed as much as anything else.  

“While I usually focus on unmasking right-wing charlatans, sometimes one must focus on the serpents residing in one’s own garden. As a community under constant attack, LGBTQ organizations need to work together and take the high road. We have enough challenges without untoward behavior from our organizations and our leaders.” –Wayne Besen, Truth Wins Out

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  1. Thank you for your persistence and integrity. You must have experienced enormous pressure to conceal your investigative findings about Sam Brinton’s story. Starting at 5:15 in your video, you describe how (in the past) you could count on at least one side telling the truth. You verify. YOU are a professional! These greedy bad actors and their facilitators such as NCLRS and Sam Brinton harm ALL victims!

    My question is, why didn’t the Office for Program Management OPM attempt the verification that you did?! They have vast resources. I respect you. There are so many people who lack your moral fiber. As you said so well, “one must focus on the serpents in one’s own garden” sometimes. Keep up the good work.

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