The ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry Roars Back with Two Hate Conferences

Truth Wins Out Fights Back with World’s Largest Video Catalogue Fighting the ‘Ex-Gay’ Myth The despicable “ex-gay” conversion industry is alive and well. They are working hard at grooming desperate and vulnerable LGBTQ youth for depression, denial and self-harm. These self-loathing charlatans are peddling the message that LGBTQ people are sick, broken and sinful. We must […]

This is your BEST chance to fight the insidious ‘ex-gay’ conversion industry

Sponsor TWO’s video ads today The despicable “ex-gay” conversion industry targets LGBTQ youth online. They impart toxic messages that call our teenagers “sick” and “sinful”. They tell our youth that they are “sexually broken”, “perverse”, “confused” and need to be “fixed” or “healed” from their ungodly “defect.” These charlatans peddle the lie that coming out […]

The LGBTQ Community Must Lead the Worldwide Fight for Freedom and Democracy

By Wayne Besen Bad actors across the globe are attempting to remake the World Order into a dystopia that conjures the worst demons of the previous century. In every scenario where revanchist nations could potentially prevail, LGBTQ people’s lives would markedly deteriorate. It is up to the collective LGBTQ community, as well as individuals, to […]

Right Wing Christians are the Unspoken Force Behind Jan. 6 Insurrection

Religious extremists gave up on America when Obama was elected; Gay Marriage Legalized Join Wayne Besen’s Newsletter Until we admit that January 6 was primarily a Christian conservative coup attempt, we will never move forward as a country. People are rightfully careful not to blame all right wing Christians for the treachery that occurred at […]

Jared’s Journey: A powerful Conversion Therapy Survivor Story

When Jared Dixon worked up the courage to come out to his parents it didn’t go well. His father said that being gay was “abnormal.” His mother and father began pressuring Jared to try “ex-gay” conversion therapy. This is a discredited practice that falsely claims to change sexual orientation or gender identity through prayer or […]

Former ‘Ex-Gay’ Leader Takes Bandages off Eyes

In 2012, then-Exodus President Alan Chambers decided to abandon the “ex-gay” industry. He said no one changes and it harms people. “It was the continual unwrapping of the bandages around my eyes. My [gay] feelings haven’t changed and nobody else’s feelings that I ever met have changed. It began to chip away my belief that […]

WATCH: ‘Ex-Gay’ Conversion Programs are a Freak Show

Promoters of “ex-gay” programs love to talk about (non-existent) sexual orientation or gender identity “change”. What these groups hate to discuss is their wacky, unethical, unprofessional and psychologically abusive methods. When people actually see what “ex-gay” conversion programs do, they are repulsed and see it as quackery.