Truth Wins Out:

Uganda is a Warning: The Fundamentalists Are Coming

Right Wing Seeks to Export Social Policies and Conquer Society Uganda’s Constitutional Court essentially ruled this week that it is illegal to exist while gay, and anyone who has the gall to live authentically, or caught “misbehaving” in the closet, could suffer draconian punishments including long prison sentences and even death. The odious decision upheld […]

‘Ex-Gay’ Conversion Therapist Christopher Doyle’s Hypocrisy Called Out by His Niece

Nanny Cam Allegedly Caught Doyle with Happy Ending Masseuse and Also Guiding a Male Stranger into Son’s Bedroom   Delray Beach, FL — Truth Wins Out released Part II of our interview with Allie Doyle, the niece of disgraced and debunked conversion therapist Christopher Doyle, who leads the farcically-named Institute for Healthy Families, based in […]

Shocking Emails Reveal Right Wing Bigots Exploiting DEI to Hijack Education

Horrible Homophobes and Unreconstructed Racists Leading Effort to Sabotage DEI A blockbuster New York Times article revealed the rank bigotry and backward fundamentalist  worldview secretly behind efforts to eliminate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts at universities. A cabal of right-wing activists, think tanks, donors and Republican politicians are colluding to distort the debate, lie […]

Notorious Conversion Therapist Lost Credentials After Sexual Assault Allegation from Client

Ex Focus on the Family Speaker Jayson Graves Barred from Practicing in Colorado Exclusive Investigation by Wayne Besen, Matt Ashcroft and Stevie Inghram In a 2009 interview with Christian host Michael Johnson, notorious “ex-gay” therapist Jayson Graves sanctimoniously pontificated,  “We need to be able to actually put our cards on the table and say, ‘hey, […]

Why I wrote Lies with a Straight Face

New Book is the PERFECT Holiday Gift and Great Vacation Reading Check out the interview about my new book, Lies with a Straight Face: Exposing the Cranks and Cons Inside the ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry. Find out my motivation for writing this critically-acclaimed book and learn about the history of “ex-gay” programs. Lies with a Straight Face […]

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