Truth Wins Out Shuts Down on 11th Anniversary

Thank You for all of your love and support over the years. It has been quite a journey and a joyous ride

June 26, 2017 News, Press Release

CBO: Republican ‘Healthcare’ Bill is a Death Panel

Now we know why the GOP rammed through their healthcare scheme before the CBO reviewed it

May 25, 2017 Opinion

Trump’s Budget Disaster Could Kill Millions

A new $4.1 trillion dollar budget exposes Trump as a two-faced charlatan that does the bidding for Cadillac Conservatives, while sabotaging the safety net

May 24, 2017 Opinion

GOP Health Bill is a Cruel Assault on America’s Youth

$1 trillion in federal cuts House Republicans have proposed to Medicaid threaten insurance for poor and middle class children

May 23, 2017 Opinion

Bradley Foundation’s Conservative Assault on America

Hackers have revealed a new $900 million dollar conservative attack on America by the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation

May 23, 2017 News

Dear Media: Stop Pretending Mike Pence is Smart and Savvy

Notre Dame students spoke truth to power, to an administration that believes having power means you never have to tell the truth

May 23, 2017 Opinion

Non-Compete Clauses in Employment Contracts Should Be Illegal

1 in 5 American workers is bound by a non-compete clause. This is unfair and bad for the economy

May 23, 2017 Videos

Trump Slithers Off to Saudi Arabia to Distract From Mounting Troubles at Home

Don’t let the upcoming gaffes overseas distract from the trouble our Comrade in Chief is in at home

May 22, 2017 Opinion

TWO Calls on Fort Lauderdale Mayor to Rescind Prayer Breakfast Invitation to Anti-LGBT Hate Group Leader

Fort Lauderdale mayor Jack Seiler shames shames city by inviting extremist to Prayer Breakfast

April 06, 2017 News

‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist Joseph Nicolosi is Dead, he was an Opportunistic Ideologue and Propagandist who Trafficked in Hate and Harm

We doubt he’s in a better place. We do know the earth is a better place without him

March 12, 2017 Opinion
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