Truth Wins Out:

Interview: Politics Considered with Bill Gallagher Covers Lies with a Straight Face

Bill and Wayne discuss Wayne’s new book: Lies with a Straight Face: Exposing the Cranks and Cons Inside the ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry. The book was just released on October 11 at a pivotal moment when the Religious Right is rebooting the destructive “ex-gay” message and the Supreme Court considers whether to weigh in on laws banning […]

Many LGBTQ people report having experienced conversion therapy, study finds

A new study found that trans people reported experiencing this discredited and harmful treatment at a higher rate than gays and lesbians One of the most difficult issues we face fighting “ex-gay” conversion therapy is the idea that it is a relic of the past — an unfortunate abuse of a bygone era. The reality […]

PRE-ORDER: Lies with a Straight Face

“Wayne writes with the passion and skill of a novelist as he tells this story of so-called ‘ex-gay’ therapy. Lies with a Straight Face is a beautifully written, well-researched and up-to-the moment science-based volume.” –Frank Schaeffer, Author, Crazy for God The book release date is October 11, National Coming Out Day. All royalties from book […]

Truth Wins Out Debunks Ben Shapiro’s Shallow ‘Defense’ of ‘Traditional’ Family

Right wing commentator Ben Shapiro fancies himself the great defender of families. In a crazy Tweet he said: Any society that isn’t normatively based on heterosexual family formation is definitionally doomed to collapse. Pretending that society ought to be apathetic about such matters – or even worse, condemnatory of the presence of traditional norms – […]

Jeffrey McCall Drags Down Freedom March: Comes Out as Scarlett

Announcement Follows Previous Scandal of Multiple hookups with Men FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Wayne Besen, Executive Director: DELRAY BEACH, FL – Truth Wins Out welcomed Freedom March founder Jeffrey McCall out of the closet. The Freedom March is an “ex-gay” program founded by McCall, that holds rallies across America urging LGBTQ people to repent […]

TWO Slams Quack Therapist Nicolosi Jr. for Cynically and Hypocritically Piggybacking on Sam Brinton Scandal

Sam Brinton Scandal Lends No Credibility to Conversion Therapy Corrupt Conversion Therapy Industry Cynically Calls for Accountability (Cue Laughter) Today, the Religious Right tried to cynically piggyback on my LGBTQ Nation column questioning the authenticity of Sam Brinton’s conversion therapy testimony. The non-binary activist’s story included alleged torture with heat and ice. Brinton is the […]

Why I Spoke Out on Sam Brinton Scandal

BREAKING: A SECOND Warrant Issued in Nevada for Brinton Luggage Theft A second felony warrant was issued for Sam Brinton, who is accused of stealing luggage from Harry Reid International Airport (Las Vegas). In a new video, I explain why I spoke out at LGBTQ Nation on the Sam Brinton scandal. Groups like NCLR Born Perfect […]

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