Truth Wins Out:

Truth Wins Out Interviews John Skiles Skinner, writer and political activist

Click to watch video In this interview, we sat down with John Skiles Skinner, a writer and political activist, to discuss his efforts in advocating for women’s and LGBTQ rights. John shares the story behind creating the satirical website, which he uses to critique and expose the agenda of the Family Policy Alliance that […]

Truth Wins Out Interviews Tres Adames, Conversion Therapy Survivor and Pastoral Counselor

Tres opens up about the societal and familial pressures that influenced his decision to undergo conversion therapy Click to watch video Pride Month is a time to celebrate our vibrant LGBTQ+ community and stand up against discrimination. Join Truth Wins Out as we share powerful interviews with advocates and survivors who are fighting against LGBTQ+ stigma. […]

Americans Must Not Allow MAGA to Swift Boat Taylor

If We Allow the Destruction of this Couple, Democracy Could be Next Right wing delirium over pop legend Taylor Swift’s relationship with football star Travis Kelce, has completed the Republican Party’s transition into a sanitarium. It’s a full-fledged funny farm where whackos compete with weirdos to see who can gin up the most outlandish Q-Anon […]

‘Ex-Gay’ Conversion Therapist Christopher Doyle’s Hypocrisy Called Out by His Niece

Nanny Cam Allegedly Caught Doyle with Happy Ending Masseuse and Also Guiding a Male Stranger into Son’s Bedroom   Delray Beach, FL — Truth Wins Out released Part II of our interview with Allie Doyle, the niece of disgraced and debunked conversion therapist Christopher Doyle, who leads the farcically-named Institute for Healthy Families, based in […]

Shocking Emails Reveal Right Wing Bigots Exploiting DEI to Hijack Education

Horrible Homophobes and Unreconstructed Racists Leading Effort to Sabotage DEI A blockbuster New York Times article revealed the rank bigotry and backward fundamentalist  worldview secretly behind efforts to eliminate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts at universities. A cabal of right-wing activists, think tanks, donors and Republican politicians are colluding to distort the debate, lie […]

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