The ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry Roars Back with Two Hate Conferences

Truth Wins Out Fights Back with World’s Largest Video Catalogue Fighting the ‘Ex-Gay’ Myth The despicable “ex-gay” conversion industry is alive and well. They are working hard at grooming desperate and vulnerable LGBTQ youth for depression, denial and self-harm. These self-loathing charlatans are peddling the message that LGBTQ people are sick, broken and sinful. We must […]

Bizarre ‘Ex-Gay’ Conversion Therapy Puts you in the ‘wrong hands’

Conversion therapy is quackery. Hugger Richard Cohen is a notorious and failed conversion therapists Every respected medical and mental health organization rejects “ex-gay” conversion therapy as harmful and ineffective. Those who engage in the discredited practice often use bizarre techniques. Sometimes, the methods they use border on sexual exploitation. It’s best to save your time […]

Learn the TRUTH about failed ‘ex-gay’ conversion programs

They never work. They always fail Truth Wins Out is proud to have created the world’s largest video catalogue of interviews undermining the “ex-gay” myth. We share the powerful perspectives of survivors, scientists, former “ex-gay” leaders, spouses and clergy. Each one of our interviews is original and our content is 100% unique. That’s what makes […]

This is your BEST chance to fight the insidious ‘ex-gay’ conversion industry

Sponsor TWO’s video ads today The despicable “ex-gay” conversion industry targets LGBTQ youth online. They impart toxic messages that call our teenagers “sick” and “sinful”. They tell our youth that they are “sexually broken”, “perverse”, “confused” and need to be “fixed” or “healed” from their ungodly “defect.” These charlatans peddle the lie that coming out […]

Social Media Giants Must Crack Down on Conversion Therapy Disinformation

New Reports Show Online Companies Irresponsibility Continuing to Allow “Ex-Gay” Materials We already knew that social media companies were undermining democracies, lowering the self-esteem of teenagers, aiding dictators and sporadically assisting with genocides. Now we can add peddling the discredited practice of “ex-gay” conversion therapy to the loathsome list. Two new reports by The Global […]

VIDEO: The BEST Christmas gift ever: Canada bans conversion therapy

For many people, Christmas is a time of peace, joy and tranquility, where chestnuts are roasted on an open fire. Unfortunately, for many LGBTQ people, the holidays mean family members pushing the nutty idea of conversion therapy with fire and brimstone. Rev. Gregory Daly is the minister of Birchcliff Bluffs United Church in Scarborough, Ontario. […]

Jared’s Journey: A powerful Conversion Therapy Survivor Story

When Jared Dixon worked up the courage to come out to his parents it didn’t go well. His father said that being gay was “abnormal.” His mother and father began pressuring Jared to try “ex-gay” conversion therapy. This is a discredited practice that falsely claims to change sexual orientation or gender identity through prayer or […]

The Movie ‘Cured’ is Coming to PBS on National Coming Out Day

The award-winning LGBTQ+ documentary CURED, which will open the fall season of PBS’ Independent Lens on OCTOBER 11, 2021 (National Coming Out Day). CURED shines a light on the pioneering LGBTQ+ activists who fought to remove homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1873. CURED is also currently in development as a scripted series by Steven […]