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The despicable “ex-gay” conversion industry targets LGBTQ youth online. They impart toxic messages that call our teenagers “sick” and “sinful”. They tell our youth that they are “sexually broken”, “perverse”, “confused” and need to be “fixed” or “healed” from their ungodly “defect.” These charlatans peddle the lie that coming out will only lead to pain, loneliness, broken hearts, drug addiction and misery. They try to persuade parents to send their LGBTQ children to “ex-gay” boot camps or quack therapists where they will be psychologically tortured. We can’t passively sit back and allow this to happen.

Truth Wins Out is fighting back. We are flooding the Internet with powerful messages of love and acceptance to counter “ex-gay” conversion lies. Our “Love Yourself, Live Your Truth” campaign is releasing 80 new online ads in 2022, beginning this month. Our campaign beats back ugly “ex-gay” conversion messages with the wisdom of survivors, clergy, parents, scientists, mental health professionals and former “ex-gay” leaders, who now say that conversion programs don’t work and are destructive. We aim to educate, inspire and ultimately save lives.   

Are you with us?

We need your help today to win the messaging war against “ex-gay” frauds hellbent on damaging our LGBTQ youth. We are offering special ad sponsorships. For $25 you can personally sponsor a single ad. You can sponsor four ads for $100 or 20 ads for $500. For each ad you sponsor, your name will be listed, and you will be publicly thanked in each ad on our YouTube page. (Unless you prefer to give anonymously)

** Please view ad titles below, conveniently divided by subject, to learn of your sponsorship options. If you like certain headlines, but want to view the unreleased videos before sponsoring, we can send them to you for review. With Truth Wins Out, you can actually see where your contributions are going and where they are spent. We don’t offer vague promises but deliver tangible results.  

Don’t leave our important work for other people to fund. We need you to step up and help our campaign today. Hate groups, such as the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, will certainly be fully funding “ex-gay” conversion messages. If we don’t personally do our part, the fight will be one-sided, the playing field unlevel and more LGBTQ youth will end up in the filthy hands of “ex-gay” conversion quacks. You can prevent that by sponsoring an ad – or as many ads as you can today.

If you don’t step up to help LGBTQ youth who will? Our goal is to let LGBTQ youth know that they are healthy, whole and that they can be out, proud and happy. We need to let them know that they have a bright future and don’t need to be “fixed” to flourish.

Are you on-board to help us with our crucial mission? Will you assist us in meeting the challenge to replace messages of self-loathing with messages of love and self-acceptance? Thank you for your kind consideration and we hope you will join our fight for fairness and freedom today.     

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