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Two stage horses chase online celebrity by peddling ‘ex-gay’ snake oil

Two sad, attention addicts promote ‘ex-gay’ conversion therapy

DELRAY BEACH, FL- Truth Wins Out condemned the new partnership between extremist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Milo Yiannopoulos, a failed right wing “influencer” who announced he was “ex-gay” last year. Greene, an unamerican traitor who supports the Jan. 6 coup, is a bigoted anti-LGBTQ lawmaker who this week called for the end of Pride Month. Yiannopoulos, a 37-year-old who is desperate for work and attention, took the role of unpaid intern, but his real value to Greene is pushing the “ex-gay” conversion industry. In announcing the hilarious hire, Greene released a statement praising his “ex-gay” status.

“We hesitate to engage the shenanigans of Greene and Yiannopoulos, two pathetic stage horses who are desperate for attention and judge their self-worth based on social media popularity,” said Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen. “However, they have sizable platforms to spread disinformation on ‘ex-gay’ conversion therapy. We want to make it clear that conversion therapy is a failed experiment that has left a trail of destruction in peoples’ lives. It is a fringe practice that is rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health association in the world. There are no happy endings with conversion efforts and two celebrity-seeking conservative clowns claiming it has merit doesn’t make it so.”

Truth Wins Out has the world’s largest video catalogue showcasing the harm caused by the “ex-gay” conversion industry. It features testimony from survivors, parents, doctors, scientists, religious figures and former “ex-gay” leaders. Truth Wins Out has published To the Dark Side and Back, which offers extensive interviews with former “ex-gay” leaders who now say efforts to “change” are ineffective and hazardous. Videos from Truth Wins Out are now available with Spanish subtitles.  

Forbes reports that Yiannopoulos, who was spotted with Greene multiple times recently, first announced he was working as an unpaid intern for Greene in a Telegram post, writing his “friend” had “persuaded [him] out of retirement.”

Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter in 2016. His career crashed in 2017, after the Conservative Political Action Conference disinvited him when he made comments encouraging sexual relationships between “younger boys” and older men.

Truth Wins Out educates the world on the harm caused by destructive “ex-gay” conversion programs, while fighting to eliminate anti-LGBTQ prejudice and discrimination. We believe that genuine freedom and contentment derive from authenticity and living one’s truth.

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