Truth Wins Out:

The Little Engine That Could Needs You: Donate to Truth Wins Out

Truth Wins Out is the Little Engine that Could. We are a small organization that accomplishes Big Things that far exceed our modest budget. Please consider a generous tax-deductible contribution today to help us research, monitor and expose the “ex-gay” conversion industry, while allowing Truth Wins Out to educate the media and public.   A […]

Interview: Politics Considered with Bill Gallagher Covers Lies with a Straight Face

Bill and Wayne discuss Wayne’s new book: Lies with a Straight Face: Exposing the Cranks and Cons Inside the ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry. The book was just released on October 11 at a pivotal moment when the Religious Right is rebooting the destructive “ex-gay” message and the Supreme Court considers whether to weigh in on laws banning […]

PRE-ORDER: Lies with a Straight Face

“Wayne writes with the passion and skill of a novelist as he tells this story of so-called ‘ex-gay’ therapy. Lies with a Straight Face is a beautifully written, well-researched and up-to-the moment science-based volume.” –Frank Schaeffer, Author, Crazy for God The book release date is October 11, National Coming Out Day. All royalties from book […]

Pride Apparel: Help Us WIN Against Homophobe Ron DeSantis

Look Fabulous and Help Us Fight Back We are thrilled to introduce our exciting new Pride Apparel Line 2023. A gift from our online store is a fantastic and easy way to help fund our campaign against arch-homophobe Ron DeSantis. You’ll look fabulous, and we’ll have the resources to speak out and fight back. Link […]

Sun-Sentinel Op-Ed: Florida’s LGBTQ community must resist rollback of our rights

In the Spirit of Stonewall, We Must Choose Courage Over Cowardice and Expand Pride READ ONLINE AT SUN-SENTINEL By Wayne Besen, TWO Executive Director In the aftermath of Florida expanding legislative attacks on its LGBTQ population, the community is struggling with how best to respond. Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast reacted to the uncertainty […]

Political Assault on Trans Manufactured by Cynical Polls 

‘Protecting Youth’ a Front for Overarching Fascist Agenda Right wing conservatives pretend to care about morals, but it’s all about money. A deeply disturbing article in the New York Times reveals how so-called values groups don’t value the lives of real people. Instead, they deliberately seek out hot button issues to cash in. Terry Schilling, […]

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