Truth Wins Out:

This week, Pope Francis criticized laws that criminalize gay sexual conduct as “unjust.” He said that God loves all his children just as they are.   

In an interview with the Associated Press, the Pontiff said, “Being homosexual isn’t a crime.”  

The Pope is dope. I don’t mean on drugs. But dope in the cool sense. I’m not religious person. I probably don’t agree with Pope Frances on many issues. For example, he mistakenly thinks some Christians can consider being gay sinful. It’s not. Being gay is normal and natural and it’s no more sinful than heterosexuality. The real sin is homophobia because it’s a form of hate.  

But for the Vatican, this is progress. I respect Pope Francis as a good and decent man. He has shown love, mercy and decency for real people, time and again. If there were more pastors like Pope Francis, the church would not be draining members, like it is in America today. The haters are turning off young people, who are abandoning church in record numbers.

But Pope Francis is setting a powerful example and his loving message, quite frankly, is refreshing. His words are going to keep families together, lessen hate crimes and persecution, while ultimately saving lives.  

Francis had the courage to take on homophobic Catholic Bishops in parts of the world where one can be imprisoned – or worse—for being LGBTQ.  The Pontiff said:

“These bishops have to have a process of conversion” and they should apply “tenderness, please, as God has for each one of us.”

I’ve been critical of the Catholic Church, over the years. But today, I offer my praise and thank Pope Francis for leading with love and by example. He is putting decency over divisiveness and respect over recrimination. Christians often ask, “What would Jesus do?” I think Pope Frances is giving us the answer.

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