Truth Wins Out:

Why I wrote Lies with a Straight Face

New Book is the PERFECT Holiday Gift and Great Vacation Reading Check out the interview about my new book, Lies with a Straight Face: Exposing the Cranks and Cons Inside the ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry. Find out my motivation for writing this critically-acclaimed book and learn about the history of “ex-gay” programs. Lies with a Straight Face […]

Freedom March Cynically Rebrands for Pride Month After Founder Comes Out as Transgender

Freedom March Grifters Reboot as Rainbow Revival The Freedom March is a right-wing Christian fundamentalist organization that exists to help LGBTQ people “pray away the gay.” They also claim to help people transition out of being trans. So, it was a really bad day for the Freedom March when its founder, Jeffrey McCall, announced online […]

TWO Calls for Open Defiance of Florida’s Expansion of ‘Don’t Say Gay Law’ 

DeSantis is an Autocrat who Must be Stopped: Rallies Planned on Friday DELRAY BEACH, FL- Truth Wins Out called on all Floridians who believe in freedom and democracy to openly defy Gov. Ron DeSantis’ unconstitutional and authoritarian new attack against the LGBTQ Community. Yesterday, a state board approved the expansion of the state’s odious Don’t […]

The Pope Advances Progress on LGBTQ Equality

This week, Pope Francis criticized laws that criminalize gay sexual conduct as “unjust.” He said that God loves all his children just as they are.    In an interview with the Associated Press, the Pontiff said, “Being homosexual isn’t a crime.”   The Pope is dope. I don’t mean on drugs. But dope in the […]

Podcast: Protecting LGBTQ Pride from Nazis with Self-Defense

Interview: Life in America after Roe v Wade In this episode, Wayne discusses the urgent need for LGBTQ self-defense to beat back Nazis invading Pride events. He also interviews Terry Cosgrove of Chicago’s PersonalPac. He talks about life in a post Roe v Wade America. LISTEN ON YOUR FAVORITE PLATFORM SPOTIFY APPLE ANCHOR We Must […]

LGBTQ Pride in 2022 Should Be Transformed into Events Protesting Abortion Ban

It’s time for bold political statements, not fashion statements LGBTQ Pride Month is around the corner. Millions of people are carefully choosing their outfits. Fabulous floats are being festooned with fierceness and flair. I hate to throw cold water on the toasty Summer festivals, but considering the Supreme Court’s impending abortion ruling, this is a […]

Religious Right’s anger shows hollowness of recent political victories

The rise of the modern Religious Right began with Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority. So, it must be bitterly ironic that they have reached their political zenith by surrendering their moral authority. Sure, they stand on the precipice of achieving some of their long-awaited political goals, but they have done so by transforming themselves rather than […]

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