Podcast: Protecting LGBTQ Pride from Nazis with Self-Defense

Interview: Life in America after Roe v Wade In this episode, Wayne discusses the urgent need for LGBTQ self-defense to beat back Nazis invading Pride events. He also interviews Terry Cosgrove of Chicago’s PersonalPac. He talks about life in a post Roe v Wade America. LISTEN ON YOUR FAVORITE PLATFORM SPOTIFY APPLE ANCHOR We Must […]

LGBTQ Pride in 2022 Should Be Transformed into Events Protesting Abortion Ban

It’s time for bold political statements, not fashion statements LGBTQ Pride Month is around the corner. Millions of people are carefully choosing their outfits. Fabulous floats are being festooned with fierceness and flair. I hate to throw cold water on the toasty Summer festivals, but considering the Supreme Court’s impending abortion ruling, this is a […]

Religious Right’s anger shows hollowness of recent political victories

The rise of the modern Religious Right began with Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority. So, it must be bitterly ironic that they have reached their political zenith by surrendering their moral authority. Sure, they stand on the precipice of achieving some of their long-awaited political goals, but they have done so by transforming themselves rather than […]

The LGBTQ Community Must Lead the Worldwide Fight for Freedom and Democracy

By Wayne Besen Bad actors across the globe are attempting to remake the World Order into a dystopia that conjures the worst demons of the previous century. In every scenario where revanchist nations could potentially prevail, LGBTQ people’s lives would markedly deteriorate. It is up to the collective LGBTQ community, as well as individuals, to […]