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They never work. They always fail

Truth Wins Out is proud to have created the world’s largest video catalogue of interviews undermining the “ex-gay” myth. We share the powerful perspectives of survivors, scientists, former “ex-gay” leaders, spouses and clergy. Each one of our interviews is original and our content is 100% unique. That’s what makes Truth Wins Out indispensable in the fight against conversion therapy. We strategically frame the issue, lead the conversation worldwide and work to change hearts and minds.

Today, we are showcasing four video ads produced by Truth Wins Out as part of our Love Yourself, Live Your Truth campaign. We hope you will sponsor our future ads, which are released weekly for the remainder of 2022. Please click the following pictures to watch our short video ads. If you like them, consider posting on social media and contributing to Truth Wins Out.

Jared Dixon is a survivor of “ex-gay” conversion therapy. In this video, he talks about how is therapist, Christopher Doyle, used invasive and creepy techniques. This included forcing Dixon to journal about masturbation.

“He explicitly said ‘I’ll allow my clients one day out of a month to masturbate,'” Dixon recalls. “He then said, ‘the more you masturbate the more I make you journal.'”

It’s unclear if “ex-gay” therapist Christopher Doyle was getting his jollies. But it is clear that Doyle’s sexually-charged sessions are absurd, weird and never work.

Michael Bussee is the co-founder of Exodus International, which was the world’s largest “ex-gay” ministry until 2013, when it shut down because its programs did not work. He has since come out as a gay man who warns against the dangers of “ex-gay” programs.

“They started to preach this idea that if you could form a very close bond, a non-sexual bond with another male, that that could be healing. I’m going to hug you and touch you until you don’t like it anymore and become straight. It’s nonsense.”
Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan is a survivor of “ex-gay” ministries. She said the experience was devastating and urges people to avoid such programs.

“To those who are thinking about entering an ‘ex-gay’ ministry I would really encourage you to get some counseling outside of the church,” said Sheehan. “I think that they will take advantage of you. They will make you dependent and they will not do what’s in your best interest….Denying who you are doesn’t work.”
McKrae Game is a former “ex-gay” ministry leader. He was part of Exodus International and created a “change” workbook called “Hope for Wholeness”. Today, he is an out gay man who warns about the danger and ineffectiveness of “ex-gay” conversion programs.

In this video, Game admits his ministry newsletter was “a form of propaganda” and that he used his wife to make it appear as if “change was possible.”

“I used my marriage as a tool trying to say how in love I was,” Game said. “In ‘ex-gay’ ministry, you’re almost trained to not be honest with yourself. To really deny those things.”

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