Truth Wins Out:

Matt Ashcroft used his story to successfully fight for a new law in Canada banning conversion therapy

Matt Ashcroft is a Canadian who entered conversion therapy to win his dad’s love. His father regularly taunted him and even offered to pay for a prostitute to “make a real man” out of Matt. He was promised by his church, conversion therapist Chris Doyle and the Journey into Manhood (JIM) program that he could change from gay-to-straight.
These conversion groups turned out to be a sham that caused Matt pain, suffering and deep depression. Not only did these “ex-gay” programs not work, they ripped off Matt by taking his hard-earned money for a fraudulent product. 
Additionally, Matt claims that he was sexually harassed by a much-older Journey into Manhood guide. When Matt complained to Journey into Manhood leader, Rich Wyler, he did absolutely nothing and blamed Matt for his alleged abuser’s behavior.
Matt suffered in silence, traumatized by the awful experience. Eventually, however, he became a strong survivor, committed to righting the wrongs perpetrated against him by the “ex-gay” conversion industry. Pledging to make a difference, Matt shared his powerful story with the media and the Canadian parliament. He played a key role in passing a new Canadian law that banned conversion therapy in 2021.
Thanks to Matt’s dogged insistence, Canada not only banned conversion therapy for minors, but the law prohibits it for adults as well. This is in contrast to 20 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, which only ban conversion torture for minors.
Matt’s successful commitment to fighting for LGBTQ equality has guaranteed that future generations will not have to suffer what he endured at the hands of unqualified conversion quacks.
Matt now lives in Toronto, a welcoming and affirming city, where he can be his true self. Putting conversion therapy behind him has allowed Matt to pursue a university degree and explore his passion as a DJ.
“One of the things I’m glad about leaving [conversion therapy] is that I get to pursue my other passions,” Matt told Truth Wins Out in this video. “I really love music…When I was there I really didn’t have the time or opportunity to do something that I love, because I had to focus on changing something that was not attainable. I feel great. I really have an opportunity to learn how to be myself, after getting out of Journey into Manhood.”
Matt is glad that he spoke out and is now sharing the wisdom he gained during his inspiring journey.
“If I can fight for LGBTIQ folks on a national level, we all can. We all deserve to be happy, healthy, whole, and loved just the way we are.”

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