Truth Wins Out:

Andrew Kaczynski wrote an excellent article at CNN that revealed Mike Johnson, the radical, new Speaker of the House used to promote “ex-gay” conversion therapy for LGBTQ Youth. In his role with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), now the Alliance Defending Freedom, Johnson partnered with now defunct “ex-gay” group Exodus International. At the nine second mark, you can see Johnson on a 2007 video produced by Daniel Gonzales exclusively for Truth Wins Out:

The CNN article says:

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson closely collaborated with a group in the mid-to-late 2000s that promoted “conversion therapy,” a discredited practice that asserted it could change the sexual orientation of gay and lesbian individuals.

Prior to launching his political career, Johnson, a lawyer, gave legal advice to an organization called Exodus International and partnered with the group to put on an annual anti-gay event aimed at teens, according to a CNN KFile review of more than a dozen of Johnson’s media appearances from that timespan.

“Day of Truth was really established to counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda in public schools,” Johnson told a radio host in 2008.

Those who worked to counter ADF and Exodus at the time, said the event was dangerous to confused youth.

“This directly harmed LGBTQ youth,” Wayne Besen, the executive director of Truth Wins Out and an expert on the ex-gay industry, told CNN. “This is someone whose core was promoting anti-gay and ex-gay viewpoints. He wouldn’t pander to anti-gay advocates, he was the anti-gay and ex-gay advocate.”

Randy Scobey, a former executive vice president at Exodus, who worked on the Day of Truth in the organization’s collaboration with ADF, called the event one of his biggest regrets.

“It was bullying those who were trying to not be bullied,” said Scobey, who now lives openly as a gay man. “That was one of the public ways that the Alliance Defense Fund worked with us.”


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