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Bill Embarrasses Florida and Sends Message that State is Backwater Ruled by Failed Presidential Dud Ron DeSantis

Delray Beach, FL – Truth Wins Out condemned a toxic bill in the Florida House of Representatives that promotes conversion therapy for transgender people. (CS/HB 1639: Gender and Biological Sex). The bill gives free rein to unethical charlatans to practice debunked, medically unsound practices that are rejected by every respected medical and mental health association in the world.

“This noxious hate bill is a full-blown attack that seeks to humiliate and discriminate against transgender Floridians,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “A provision in the bill protects conversion therapy quacks and their barbaric, discredited practices. This dangerous monstrosity must be stopped before it harms Floridians and embarrasses the state as a backwards and intolerant backwater ruled by failed presidential dud Ron DeSantis.”

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Doug Bankson, R-Apopka, and Rep. Dean Black, R-Jacksonville. It would reportedly compel insurance companies to pay for conversion therapy and the bill says the state of Florida would be “prohibiting health insurance policies from prohibiting coverage of certain mental health and therapeutic services.” (i.e. conversion therapy)

Florida Today reports on additional harmful anti-trans content in HB 1639:

On Monday, the Florida House Select Committee on Health Innovation OK’d legislation on a 11-4 vote that would require driver’s licenses to display the carrier’s sex at birth rather than their gender identity.

It would also require all insurances, health benefit plans and health maintenance contracts in the state that cover trans-related health care to also cover detransition care, defined as discontinuing or seeking to reverse gender-affirming medical or surgical interventions.

The legislation also requires all health plans to cover therapies to “treat a person’s perception that his or her sex …. is inconsistent with such person’s sex at birth.”

In Florida, about 1.32% of teens identify as transgender, according to a 2022 publication from the Williams Institute at UCLA. That number was even smaller for adults, with 0.55% of Floridians age 18 and older identifying as trans.

“As a future physician, queer and trans woman, and Christian pastor’s kid, it is unfathomable and dehumanizing to be told that trans identity is a falsity,” transgender advocate Stevie Inghram told Truth Wins Out. “The truth is, queer and trans people have a deep and inherent knowing of who we are that transcends dominant societal and religious narratives. Conversion therapy, which capitalizes on these toxic narratives, is actively condemned by reputable and professional medical/psychological societies globally. It’s time that we stop giving conversion practices and beliefs any kind of credence and unequivocally accept queer and trans human beings for who they tell us they are.”

Truth Wins Out, based in Delray Beach, is a world leader in debunking conversion therapy. In October, the organization’s Executive Director, Wayne Besen, published a new book exposing the “ex-gay” industry, Lies with a Straight Face: Exposing the Cranks and Cons Inside the ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry.

Truth Wins Out educates the world on the harm caused by destructive “ex-gay” conversion programs, while fighting to eliminate anti-LGBTQ prejudice and discrimination. We believe that genuine freedom and contentment derive from authenticity and living one’s truth.  

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