Truth Wins Out:

Just Imagine…

Imagine a world where LGBTQ youth are met with love and acceptance.

Imagine a society where “ex-gay” conversion torture programs don’t exist.

This is the universe that Truth Wins Out strives to create every single day. Will you help us?

Please consider a generous tax-deductible New Year’s contribution to Truth Wins Out to help us with our mission of ending the scourge of “ex-gay” conversion practices worldwide.

In 2021, Truth Wins Out had a significant impact, including:

  • Exposing “ex-gay” Freedom March co-founder Jeffrey McCall as a con artist who was brazenly hooking up with men on the downlow
  • Launched the Love Yourself/Live Your Truth online ad campaign, which challenges “ex-gay” conversion messages with the wisdom of survivors, clergy, parents, scientists and mental health professionals. This campaign is strategically important because we are flooding the Internet with compelling stories that directly challenge “ex-gay” online propaganda aimed at destroying the self-esteem of LGBTQ youth.   
  • Released the publication, To the Dark Side and Back, which features in-depth interviews with former “ex-gay” leaders, who now say that conversion programs don’t work and are harmful.
  • Truth Wins Out infiltrated the “ex-gay” Freedom March in Washington, DC, with survivor Jared Dixon. In front of a hostile crowd, we delivered the truth to counter “ex-gay” lies. We also filmed a powerful survivor story video with Dixon that went viral with more that 63,000 views.  

Stop Imagining…

A key reason to give to Truth Wins Out is that you don’t have to imagine what we are going to do, because we are already doing it! This is an organization of action that delivers on its promises. We have a robust plan for 2022 and we’d like you to be a part of our critically important efforts. In the coming year Truth Wins Out will:

  • Publish more than 50 survivor videos as part of our ongoing Love Yourself/Live Your Truth campaign
  • Monitor and investigate “ex-gay” programs daily for abuse, hypocrisy and fraud
  • Tell the riveting story of “ex-gay” survivor Matt Ashcroft, who played a pivotal role in passing Canada’s recent ban on conversion therapy
  • Publish a new book detailing the history of “ex-gay” conversion programs. This in-depth narrative will frame the conversion issue for a generation
  • Launch a program that converts TWO’s original video archive of anti-ex-gay videos (the world’s largest) into Spanish, to help blunt evangelical efforts to spread “ex-gay” disinformation in Latin America and U.S. churches  

Truth Wins Out has an ambitious year of achievements and accomplishments planned for 2022. However, all our success begins and ends with YOU. Please give a kind and generous tax-deductible contribution to Truth Wins Out today.

Let’s stop imagining…and instead let’s move the world forward and make history.   

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