Many people have heard of “ex-gay” conversion therapy, but few actually know what it entails. While the leaders claim they have “changed”, their sexual behavior paints a different portrait. Conversion programs also preach bizarre ideas that are far outside mainstream psychology.

In this video, former ex-lesbian Yvette Cantu Schneider explains that she spent most of her time dealing with the fallout from other “ex-gay” leaders who were having sex with clients. Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan, a survivor of “ex-gay” ministries, says she found out most of the people in her “ex-gay” group were hooking up. Sheehan recalls how her “ex-gay” group gave her an exorcism to rid Patty of her “demon of homosexuality”. Jared Dixon’s conversion therapist explained that another client had a foot fetish because his father walked out on him. Yes, “ex-gay” conversion programs are even more creepy and ridiculous than their awful reputation suggests.

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