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Klenke Appears in New Video for TWO Against Conversion Therapy

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Truth Wins Out wished transgender advocate Syre Klenke a speedy recovery after he was attacked on the street by a random stranger last week in an apparent hate crime. TWO also called on the Denver police to fully investigate the attack to bring the cowardly perpetrator to justice. In addition to speaking out for transgender equality, Klenke fights against “ex-gay” conversion therapy. Truth Wins Out released a new video today where Klenke condemns the destructive practice, having personally endured the anti-LGBTQ quackery prior to his transition.

Klenke is recovering, noticeably battered and bruised from head wounds. He discussed the assault on Instagram where he said, “Last night I was assaulted for literally just existing as myself…I’m sharing this because this is one of the harsh realities of living life as a trans person. Some people, even strangers, will hate you so much for being yourself that they will take it out on you.”

Lending credence to the probability that this attack was a hate crime, is the fact that the perpetrator did not steal Klenke’s wallet or phone. Truth Wins Out strongly urges the Denver police to put in the time and resources to solve this crime, because often attacks on transgender people are ignored by the authorities. Klenke believes that the Denver police have so far shown that they are looking into the assault.

“The Denver police are taking this assault very seriously and were incredibly helpful yesterday with my report,” Klenke wrote on Instagram. “Luckily, between CCTV and another clue…there’s a chance the guy may be caught.”

To highlight Klenke’s effective advocacy, Truth Wins Out released a new video today where Klenke takes aim at conversion therapy torture, which he had once endured.

Attacks on transgender people are impacted by grandstanding lawmakers –overwhelmingly Republican–who are targeting the transgender community for political gain. The ACLU reports that “2021 set a record for the most anti-LGBTQ bills passed during a legislative session. Over 100 anti-LGBTQ laws were proposed in 35 states around the country, and these bills overwhelmingly targeted trans youth.” 

Additionally, more than two dozen states have targeted transgender athletes, falsely claiming that they have an unfair advantage over the competition. The anti-trans bills have been created by the same hate groups that have targeted gay and lesbian people for discrimination for decades.

Canadian LGBTQ activist Matt Ashcroft had an online video with conversation with Klenke about the incident and trans issues.

Truth Wins Out educates the world on the harm caused by destructive “ex-gay” conversion programs, while fighting to eliminate anti-LGBTQ prejudice and discrimination. We believe that genuine freedom and contentment derive from authenticity and living one’s truth.


Hi, my name is Syre Klenke. I attended conversion therapy for three-and-a-half years, after my parents found out, at the time, that I was a lesbian. I did not go on my own will. In accord, my parents forced me to go to conversion therapy. For me, conversion therapy was an experience that was very discouraging. It was very disheartening. It filled me with a lot of shame. I was afraid to come out as trans because of some of the things I heard. It definitely made me feel inadequate, like there was something wrong with me – when in reality there wasn’t.

I think the biggest obstacle that trans people face today is discrimination both out in public or in the bills that are going through legislation across the country, and really across the world in general.

Love Yourself. Live Your Truth. Truth Wins Out.   

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