Truth Wins Out:

Republican National Convention: A Motley Crew of Flakes, Frauds and Fanatics

The Republicans Blew a Chance to Put the Election in the Bag The Republican Party could have buried the Democrats and nearly sewn up the election had they executed a sane convention. Instead, they breathed new life into their opponents by reminding Americans why they did not return Donald Trump to the White House in […]

A Marriage Between America’s Biggest Ass and Ass Kisser

JD Vance is a Political Liability, But He’s Trump’s Perfect Mini-Me     There is no mystery why Donald Trump picked Ohio Sen. JD Vance for his vice-presidential nominee. Trump is America’s biggest ass and Vance is the nation’s premier ass-kisser. To get the role, Vance sucked up so hard that the National Weather Service almost […]

Donald Trump Created the Violence and ‘He Alone Can Fix It’

GOP Convention Speech Could be for Healing or to Inflict More Harm In the wilder years of my early 20’s, an exasperated boyfriend warned me that frequenting sexually charged nightclubs was bad for our relationship. I assured him that nothing untoward was happening. He retorted, “If you hang around a barbershop long enough, you’re going […]

Netflix Hitler Documentary a Warning Against Electing Trump

Ignore the Parallels between the Two Men at Your Own Peril A captivating new six-part documentary on Netflix, Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial, is ostensibly about the rise and fall of one of history’s most notorious monsters. But it is also a desperate call to action, begging Americans not to return Donald Trump […]

Truth Wins Out Interviews Tres Adames, Conversion Therapy Survivor and Pastoral Counselor

Tres opens up about the societal and familial pressures that influenced his decision to undergo conversion therapy Click to watch video Pride Month is a time to celebrate our vibrant LGBTQ+ community and stand up against discrimination. Join Truth Wins Out as we share powerful interviews with advocates and survivors who are fighting against LGBTQ+ stigma. […]

Uganda is a Warning: The Fundamentalists Are Coming

Right Wing Seeks to Export Social Policies and Conquer Society Uganda’s Constitutional Court essentially ruled this week that it is illegal to exist while gay, and anyone who has the gall to live authentically, or caught “misbehaving” in the closet, could suffer draconian punishments including long prison sentences and even death. The odious decision upheld […]

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