The Right Wing’s Terrifying Global Assault on Freedom

By Wayne Besen I’m starting to miss the quaint old days when the paranoiacs at the John Birch Society imagined black U.N. helicopters and feared, above all, an overarching international government. Ironically, it is the contemporary right wing that has nefarious global aspirations and is working to install a New World Order. Guided by a […]

Religious Right’s anger shows hollowness of recent political victories

The rise of the modern Religious Right began with Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority. So, it must be bitterly ironic that they have reached their political zenith by surrendering their moral authority. Sure, they stand on the precipice of achieving some of their long-awaited political goals, but they have done so by transforming themselves rather than […]

Right Wing Christians are the Unspoken Force Behind Jan. 6 Insurrection

Religious extremists gave up on America when Obama was elected; Gay Marriage Legalized Join Wayne Besen’s Newsletter Until we admit that January 6 was primarily a Christian conservative coup attempt, we will never move forward as a country. People are rightfully careful not to blame all right wing Christians for the treachery that occurred at […]