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Focus’s Tom Minnery Admits Children of Same-Sex Couples Disadvantaged

But not for the made-up reasons the Religious Right likes to use as talking points.  No, Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family testified before

July 20, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Tennessee ‘Family Values Paper’ Won’t Publish Letter on LGBT Youth Difficulties

But we will! This news comes from Chris Sanders of the Tennessee Equality Project.  When a member of one of TEP’s divisions submitted this letter

June 10, 2011 Blog

Oh Yeah, It’s Pride Month!

It always sneaks up on me because down South, so many of our Pride celebrations have been moved to the month of October, due to

June 02, 2011 Blog

‘It Gets Better’ Video Coming from the San Francisco Giants

Wow: The San Francisco Giants told SF Weekly today that the team will make an iconic “It Gets Better” video to encourage LGBT youth across

May 17, 2011 Blog

Even Straight Kids At Higher Suicide Risk In Conservative Areas

Oh, golly, it’s not just the gay kids: Suicide attempts by gay teens — and even straight kids — are more common in politically conservative

April 18, 2011 Blog

Former Exodus Activist Michael Ensley Now A Homoerotic Art House Photographer In Orlando

Every now and again we highlight “ex-gay” activists who disappear from the scene. One such individual is Mike Ensley, who was laid off from Exodus

April 13, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Matt Barber Says Gay Kids Kill Themselves Because They’re Immoral

This is why I get fed up with naive gay activists who feel like there is dialogue or common ground to be found with rancid

March 28, 2011 Blog

UK Couple With Anti-Gay Views Lose Their Foster Care Case

It’s a wingnut victim story, y’all! Eunice and Owen Johns are a Pentecostal couple in the United Kingdom who are unwilling to care for all

March 02, 2011 Blog

Texas School District Hates Gay Kids So Much They’re Banning Christian Groups Too [Huh?]

This is what’s called pathological, irrational hatred, y’all: Flour Bluff Independent School District will not allow a proposed club supporting gay and lesbian students, but

February 28, 2011 Blog

Canadian Fundamentalists Apparently Not Aware of Spirit Week Traditions

This is one of those stories that makes me want to slam my head against the desk repeatedly. How do these people grow up in

January 21, 2011 Blog
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