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Peter LaBarbera Hysterical About Gay Things

My notion of an average day in Peter LaBarbera’s life: 1. Wake up. 2. Get upset about gay thing. 3. Poop, while upset about gay thing.

September 23, 2011 Blog

It Was Only A Matter of Time Before They Called Us Zombies

Bigots are running out of anti-gay smears.  They know that normal people laugh at them when they try to conflate us with pedophiles.  They know

September 09, 2011 Blog

Focus Ladies Bemoan Children Being Educated About Reality

It’s the job of every good Christian Fundamentalist parent to teach their children how to stick their fingers in their ears, their heads in the

August 31, 2011 Blog

AFA’s Bryan Fischer Sure Does Talk About Gays A Lot

We talk about gays a lot, since we’re, you know, fighting for our rights and trying our damnedest to correct and counter amoral liars like

August 30, 2011 Blog

Another Day, More Wingnuts Freaking Out About Glee

It’s truly terrible, a television show that features the message that gays aren’t going to hell, and actually are normal people.  That really interferes with

August 25, 2011 Blog

Follow The Moving Gingrich Mouth

I had forgotten that Newt Gingrich is sort of kind of pretending to run for president [read: make $$$], but apparently he’s trying to get

August 17, 2011 Blog

Shut Up, Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla made some awful anti-gay/anti-trans comments the other day on his podcast.  GLAAD is angry, as are lots of other people. I am more

August 16, 2011 Blog

My Thoughts On Ann Coulter and GOProud

Earlier today John mentioned that GOProud announced their appointment of Ann Coulter to their advisory board. There are obviously so many jokes that can and

August 09, 2011 Blog

Wingnut Slapfight Between GOProud and CPAC Continues Apace

So you heard that the gay wingnut group GOProud, which really doesn’t do jack in terms of advocating for things which will help the LGBT

August 05, 2011 Blog

I Triumphantly Return! Triumphantly!

HEY EVERYBODY! I am back, having valiantly survived basically a week without a working computer of any kind.  But now I am typing words to

August 04, 2011 Blog
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