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Special Report: Mike Bickle’s IHOP To Screen Video Starring “Kill The Gays Bill” Co-Author Julius Oyet

By Bruce Wilson (Cross Posted Talk2Action) For many young Americans, the Westboro Baptist Church has become the face of extreme antigay hatred from the religious

April 27, 2012 Blog

Foo Fighters Protest Westboro Baptist Church with Hot Man Muffins

The Foo Fighters were playing a show in Kansas City the other night, and the Westboro Baptist Church decided to protest them for some reason

September 19, 2011 Blog

What Happened When Westboro Baptist Decided To Protest in Joplin, Missouri?

Westboro Baptist decided to protest at a large memorial for all the victims of the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, at which President Obama was in

May 30, 2011 Blog

Westboro to Protest Obama’s Visit to Joplin, Missouri

You know, Joplin.  Where the massive tornado came through and destroyed the city and killed at least 125 people. Of course, being Westboro, they’re going

May 26, 2011 Blog

Look, It Is Lisa Lampanelli With Her Big Check for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis!

YAY! Background here if you missed it.  Basically, Westboro Baptist Church protested her show, so she decided to give $1,000 to the Gay Men’s Health

May 26, 2011 Blog

Lisa Lampanelli Teams Up With Westboro Baptist Church to Donate $50,000 to AIDS Charity

Of course, the haters at the Westboro Baptist weren’t willing team members, but that doesn’t matter.  When Westboro decided to protest Lisa’s show in Topeka,

May 25, 2011 Blog

Sarah Palin Thinks You Can’t Say ‘God’ In Public Square

Today the Supreme Court handed down an almost unanimous decision upholding the free speech rights of the Westboro Baptist Church: The First Amendment protects hateful

March 02, 2011 Blog

Hey St. Louis Gays and Allies: Westboro Is Coming and They’re Protesting Everything

I got an e-mail last night from Show Me No Hate – St. Louis, inviting people to come out this Saturday and help to counter

July 16, 2010 Blog

The Children of Westboro Baptist

This video is heartbreaking. (h/t Jeremy) Have you ever noticed how they all sound the exact same? It’s not just in their catchphrases and slogans.

June 09, 2010 Blog

Mississippi Strikes Again (At Another Innocent Young Lesbian Girl)

Well, it looks like the “good folks” at Itawamba Agricultural have struck fear into other random counties in Mississippi, with the way they set the

April 28, 2010 Blog
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