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VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Spotlights Rekers’ Hypocrisy and Harm to Youths

On MSNBC tonight, Rachel Maddow reports on Prof. George Alan Rekers’ gay escort scandal. Rekers is co-founder of the “ex-gay” think-tank NARTH and of the

May 07, 2010 Blog

Gay Escort, TWO Talk with CNN about NARTH Co-Founder’s Rentboy Sex Scandal

The following interview aired tonight on CNN’s Anderson Cooper

May 07, 2010 Blog, Press Release

Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey [Friday Fun Video]

I’m warning you now, you can’t unsee this. (h/t Allison Kilkenny) I like when the shouty beardaddy pastor starts yelling for the crowd to do

April 23, 2010 Blog

Sinead O’Connor v. Bill Donohue on the Catholic Child Rape Scandals

Larry King hosts the debate between Sinead O’Connor, the intellectually dishonest, anti-gay Bill Donohue, former CNN anchor Thomas Roberts, himself abused by a priest as

March 31, 2010 Blog

Raped by Father Flanagan? New ‘Priest-Off’ Repels Ordained Clergy

Finally a solution! The free market does solve everything. Thanks, Monsanto!

March 29, 2010 Blog

VIDEO: Australians Warn of Grave Harm done by Ex-Gay Fraud

Australian former ex-gays explain on national television how U.S. evangelicals and their Australian affiliates sought to damage them, their spirituality, and their families. You need

February 24, 2010 Blog

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Challenges Christian Right to Respect Human Rights

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday regarding the U.S. obligation to deter genocide and human-rights violations against the

February 05, 2010 Blog

Video: Violent Christianists ‘Transforming’ Uganda — and the U.S.

Bruce Wilson of Talk To Action – a veteran watchdog of the Christian Right — has created a very short documentary called “Transforming Uganda.” Please

January 21, 2010 Blog

VIDEO: U.S. Congressional Hearing Opposes Ugandan Antigay Genocide Legislation

Rep. Tammy Baldwin today chaired a Congressional hearing in strong opposition to pending legislation in Uganda that would outlaw all same-sex attraction and make any

January 21, 2010 Blog
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