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U.S. Ex-Gays, Evangelicals Act as Foil for Uganda’s Corrupt Government

Uganda’s Daily Monitor explains today why Uganda is waging war against minorities instead of corruption. The other business which has occupied public space is the

December 02, 2009 Blog

When Did Exodus International Know That It Was Affirming Genocide in Uganda?

Over at Ex-Gay Watch, ex-gay movement critic Patrick Fitzgerald provides the following reverse chronology for Exodus’ activity in Uganda. Alan Chambers, November 17th 2009: “Until

December 02, 2009 Blog

VIDEO: Jeff Sharlet Details U.S. ‘Christian’ Support for Uganda’s Antigay Genocide

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and journalist Jeff Sharlet on Monday discussed Uganda’s “Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” which would execute sexually active LGBT and HIV-positive Ugandans and imprison,

December 02, 2009 Blog

Stop Antigay and ‘Ex-Gay’ Federal Aid: Ask Congress for Accountability

Do you know who is spending your tax dollars in Uganda? No? Neither do a number of organizations that have sued the State Department for

December 01, 2009 Blog

U.S. Warns against International Efforts to Criminalize Homosexuality

Although her subordinate Eric Goosby seemed to defend no-strings aid to Uganda last week, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this afternoon said international efforts

November 30, 2009 Blog

While Britain and Canada Stand Up to Uganda, U.S. Races to the Bottom

The prime ministers of Britain and Canada last week protested, in the strongest terms, Uganda’s plan to execute its sexually active LGBT and HIV-positive citizens

November 30, 2009 Blog

U.S. Official Defends Gross Misuse of AIDS Funds in Uganda

Amid growing public criticism of federal funding for antigay violence in Africa, Eric Goosby — chief coordinator for the President’ Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

November 27, 2009 Blog

Equal Rights Trust Calls on British Commonwealth to Pressure Uganda

The British Commonwealth’s Equal Rights Trust (ERT) has called on the Commonwealth’s Heads of Government to condemn, during their meeting this weekend, the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality

November 27, 2009 Blog

UK’s United Reformed Church Slams Uganda’s Antigay Death-Penalty Bill

The United Reformed Church of the United Kingdom said Wednesday that it is “appalled” at the “draconian measures” in Uganda’s proposed antigay death penalty. The

November 27, 2009 Blog

Canada Slams Uganda’s Antigay Death-Penalty Bill

As Uganda continues to move toward passage of a death penalty against that nation’s LGBT and HIV-positive citizens, Canadian minister of state for foreign affairs

November 27, 2009 Blog
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