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Laurie Higgins Losing It Over College Students Acting Like College Students

PZ Myers points us to something truly hilarious.  Apparently one of the Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins’ kids went to Gustavus Adolphus, a small Lutheran

October 14, 2010 Blog

Al Mohler and Matt Barber Having a ‘Hate-Off’ Re: Bullying and Suicide

Which bigoted hater will hate the hatiest?  Let’s find out! Many of you have already read the column from Albert Mohler, president of the Southern

October 07, 2010 Blog

Two College Editorials on Anti-Gay Bullying, Both Wrongheaded

Hark!, for heterosexual male college students have begun writing editorials explaining The Gayness to us, so that we may all read and learn! A student

October 07, 2010 Blog

Wingnut Bob Owens on the Tyler Clementi Suicide

Bob Owens is known on the internetz as the “Confederate Yankee.”  That’s him, in the picture on the right.  It’s either from his church directory,

October 04, 2010 Blog

And Tyler Clementi on Violin…

This is Tyler playing at his home church in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Is this one of the places Tyler internalized the message that his true

October 02, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Ravel edition]

What a painful week.  You know what happened, so I’m not going to go through a long round-up.  I’m just going to say their names:

October 01, 2010 Blog

Pam Spaulding: ‘Why Did Tyler Clementi Die?’

Pam has a guest piece up at where she explores that question thoroughly.  Please read the whole thing.  Here’s a bit of what she

October 01, 2010 Blog

Dan Blatt’s Kind Words on Tyler Clementi

This represents a stark difference from the loathsome words we read from gay conservative Alex Knepper on the subject of Tyler Clementi. I’ve publicly disagreed

October 01, 2010 Blog

A Beautiful Piece on Being a Gay Teen

Brian Moylan at Gawker brought the goods today.  Oh my god, he brought the goods.  Reacting to the recent spate of gay teen suicides, Brian

September 30, 2010 Blog

A Picture of Tyler Clementi that Breaks My Heart

Jeremy just posted this picture of Tyler Clementi playing in the band for a musical production at the Porch Light Theatre in Glen Rock, New

September 30, 2010 Blog
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