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Tony Perkins Agrees: Satan Uses The Funny Parts Of Sitcoms To Make People Gay

Knock knock! Who's there? It is the Devil and you are gay now

October 29, 2013 News

Tony Perkins Calls Liberal Christians ‘Theocrats’ For Wanting To Help The Poor

That sound you hear is all the smart people's heads exploding

October 16, 2013 News

East Baton Rouge Police Arrested Men For Agreeing to Consensual, Private Sex

The sheriff claims to be ignorant of the Supreme Court case that rendered the law unenforceable

July 29, 2013 News

Creationist Hero Ken Ham Admits That Marriage Equality Has Already Won

Yet another fundamentalist uncomfortably admitting the obvious

July 25, 2013 News

Tony Perkins Does Not Like Being Fact Checked

What happened to real America, when hate group leaders like Tony Perkins could lie and get away with it

July 10, 2013 News

See How Fundie Christians Are Being Silenced and Persecuted In The Heartland

FRC's Tony Perkins claims in his newsletters that Christians are martyrs who have been silenced. However, they sure seem visible for a bunch of victims

June 24, 2013 Opinion

Tony Perkins Will Miss Michele Bachmann Very Much

We are certain Tony Perkins and Michele Bachmann will still find a way to see each other on a regular basis

May 30, 2013 Opinion

Hate Group Leaders React To The Boy Scouts Decision

The Boy Scouts' current decision isn't great, but it's eliciting much bellyaching from the Religious Right

May 24, 2013 Opinion

In Light Of Minnesota, Tony Perkins Still Trying To Claim His Side Has Momentum

It must be hard to be the captain of a sinking ship

May 13, 2013 Opinion

Family Research Council Hate-Cast On Boy Scouts Asserts That Gays Are ‘Unclean’

Also, gays are going to come on to all the straight scouts, even the unattractive ones

May 06, 2013 Poll
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