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Hate Group Leaders Encourage Truancy As Salve For Hurt Fee Fees

Folks, you know I’m writing about Peter LaBarbera when I start a piece with the word “folks.”  Anyway, the Day of Silence is this Friday. 

April 11, 2011 Blog

Anti-Gay Indoctrination in Catholic School

So these videos, of Fr. John Hollowell teaching a class in anti-gay indoctrination at Cardinal Ritter High School in Indianapolis, have been going around this

April 01, 2011 Blog

Bigot Blames Deity For Personal Failings

The other day failed Allstate employee Matt Barber took to the radio to explain that gay teens kill themselves because they know they’re immoral.  It

March 31, 2011 Blog

Matt Barber Says Gay Kids Kill Themselves Because They’re Immoral

This is why I get fed up with naive gay activists who feel like there is dialogue or common ground to be found with rancid

March 28, 2011 Blog

No, AfterElton, The Remedy Is Not ‘Worse Than The Cure’ [UPDATED]

As you all know, Apple pulled the bigoted Exodus iPhone app after our petition drew over 150,000 signatures from customers demanding that the company treat

March 24, 2011 Blog

LaBarbera: Schools Can Stop Bullying While Still Making LGBT Kids Feel Bad

Oh, he doesn’t say it in those words, but that’s the basic gist.  If schools teach that bullying people because of their sexual orientation or

March 10, 2011 Blog

How Can Christian Students More Effectively Hate Homosexuals?

Ashley Horne and Candi Cushman of Focus on the Family have the answer!  Unfortunately the video isn’t embeddable, presumably because it’s embarrassing.  The video is

March 04, 2011 Blog

In Wake Of Clementi Suicide, Rutgers Now Offering Gender-Neutral Housing

This is a good idea: New Jersey’s largest university will offer a gender-neutral housing program in three dorms that aims to make the campus more

March 02, 2011 Blog

QOTD – Alex Pareene [And Some Thoughts on Greater Wingnuttia’s Baser Urges]

Alex Pareene has a great column up at Salon about the goings on in Wisconsin, and the right wing pout-rage over a woman who, yes,

February 24, 2011 Blog, News, Opinion, Press Release

P!nk’s New Video Tackles Bullying, Suicide, Empowerment

This video is pretty graphic at times, but that’s sort of the point.  The overall message I take, though, is that no matter how anyone

January 21, 2011 Blog
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