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Arnold Schwarzenegger Openly Making Fun of Sarah Palin on Twitter

This is pretty funny [via Joe]: And we mentioned Twitter, so as always, if you’re not already, you should follow me on Twitter here, Wayne

September 10, 2010 Blog

Meghan McCain on Maddow

There’s much to disagree with in Meghan McCain’s politics, but she’s one of the growing number of Republican celebrities who are decidedly to the left

September 09, 2010 Blog

The Anti-Gay Bigots Surrounding Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck may not personally care whether or not gays can get married, but the wingnuts who form his worldview certainly do.  Media Matters has

September 07, 2010 Blog

The High Road? Or the Losing Road For Weak Politicians?

In my weekly column, I wrote that for Democrats to win, they must Define, Defend and Dumb Down. There is a pretty good debate about

September 02, 2010 Blog

Tuesday Night Fun Video: ‘Betwixt the Music: Jewel and Sarah Palin’

They were in a band, you see, until things went off the rails and Sarah started stealing from Jewel

August 31, 2010 Blog

Gay Conservative ‘Hillbuzz’ Writer Posts Epic, Hilarious Tale of Martyrdom, Victimhood

Y’all, this is the funniest thing on the entire internet right now. Kevin Dujan, the gay wingnut writer of, has written a long, meandering

August 30, 2010 Blog

Japanese Tea Party Clone Terrorizes 14-Year Old Korean Girl At Home

A new ultra-nationalistic group, Zaitokukai, is shocking mainstream Japanese society with its extreme racist tactics and outrageous antics. According to a story, “New Dissent in

August 29, 2010 Blog

Don’t Build That Library Next To Sarah Palin!

It’s just offensive: PLANS to build a state-of-the-art library next to Republican catastrophe Sarah Palin are causing outrage across mainstream America. Campaigners have described the

August 20, 2010 Blog

Shameless John McCain Veers Further Right To Win Tough Reelection Battle

I lost all respect for Sen. John McCain when he nominated Sarah Palin for vice president. While he liked to say he put “country first”,

August 05, 2010 Blog

Sorry Batch Of GOP Presidential Hopefuls Flood Iowa

The midterm elections have not even taken place, yet GOP presidential wannabes are streaming into Iowa. Surely, the political onslaught will get more insufferable for

August 02, 2010 Blog
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