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Sarah Palin’s Bizarre, Possibly Pro-DADT Repeal Tweet

Is Sarah Palin supportive of the repeal of DADT?  Has her Twitter been hi-jacked?  Did she see a tweet with lots of misspelled words and

January 04, 2011 Blog

Barack Obama More Christian Than Oprah and Glenn Beck, According to Protestant Preachers

This is the most pointless survey, and accompanying article, I have ever seen, at least this week. NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Protestant pastors overwhelmingly believe that

December 13, 2010 Blog

Palin Daughter, ‘Snowpreggers’, Has Problem With Margaret Cho!

My favorite thing about this video from Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is that it actually [accidentally?] sends the message that people should use condoms to

December 07, 2010 Blog

Learning More About Sarah Palin

I’ve said this many times: Sarah Palin will be the GOP nominee in 2012. New York Times columnist Frank Rich agrees with me. While she

November 23, 2010 Blog

Barbara Bush to Sarah Palin: Stay in Alaska

UPDATED: The New York Times’ star columnist Frank Rich agrees with me that Sarah Palin may get the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. With 80-percent

November 20, 2010 Blog

GOProud Shamefully Defends Willow Palin ‘Faggot’ Comment

Updated: GOPander’s Chris Baron writes on Twitter ChrisRBarron Pissing off the angry gay left is so easy and fun. I honestly never get tired of

November 17, 2010 Blog

Sarah Palin Is the Best Mother in America

So apparently this happened during the premiere of Sarah Palin’s silly new television program, and it is approximately what I would expect from the spawn

November 17, 2010 Blog

Elections: Disaster on the Horizon?

(Weekly Column) In a few hours elections will be held that will likely degrade our quality of life and send the country hurtling on a

November 02, 2010 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

I Sound Super-Gay on the Radio

I called in to David Pakman’s Midweek Politics radio show this afternoon and we had a nice little chit-chat about how crazy Christine O’Donnell is

September 22, 2010 Blog

Today’s Been Kinda Obnoxious, Hasn’t It?

So let’s watch a video of Sarah Palin praising Todd’s junk, brought to us, of course, by Sara Benincasa

September 21, 2010 Blog
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