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How Same Sex Marriage Works In Israel

It technically doesn’t, as marriage is unfortunately controlled by religious authorities in Israel.  However, in certain key ways, Israel has blown past the United States

November 19, 2010 Blog

NYT: In The Big Picture, We Are Winning On Marriage

In May and June, I pointed out that we have reached a tipping point on LGBT equality. Mainstream newspapers are finally catching on to this

August 22, 2010 Blog

Possibly The Dumbest Column Ever Written

This morning, I read New York Times columnist Ross Douthat’s meandering and incoherent op-ed, “The Marriage Ideal”. It may have been the worst column written

August 09, 2010 Blog

Arma-gay-don Cometh

Stephen Colbert reports on the overturning of Prop 8 and teaches us all how to ruin gay marriages

August 06, 2010 Blog

Argentina’s President Is A Real ‘Fierce Advocate’

Argentina’s Senate is scheduled to vote today on a bill allowing gay couples to get married. The marriage bill has caused a fissure between the

July 14, 2010 Blog

Portugal’s Same-Sex marriages Start Today

Rex Wockner reports that: It’s country #8 with a national law allowing same-sex marriage. And country #10 where gay marriage is possible. Gay marriage also

June 07, 2010 Blog

Washington Post Ombudsman Sticks It to Homophobes Complaining About Same-Sex Kissing

Last week, when Washington DC started issuing marriage licenses, the Washington Post printed the picture at the right, of Jeremy Ames and Taka Ariga, happily

March 09, 2010 Blog

DC Catholic Archdiocese Decides Hating Gay People More Important Than Kids in Foster Care

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington DC continues to show its true colors: The Archdiocese of Washington has decided to drop its foster care program

February 17, 2010 Blog

Catholic Church Has Zero ‘Moral Authority’ To Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Next time a Roman Catholic cleric tries to degrade loving same-sex relationships, stop him mid-sentence and say: “The Roman Catholic Church has no moral authority

November 27, 2009 Blog

TWO Dismayed By California Supreme Court Ruling To Uphold Proposition 8

Court Favors Mob Rule By Allowing Majority to Dictate Basic Rights NEW YORK — Truth Wins Out expressed deep dismay over the California Supreme Court’

May 26, 2009 Press Release
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