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Palin and Limbaugh Scream Foul On Accusations on Inciting Violence

Rush Limbaugh responded to accusations that hateful right-wing rhetoric was responsible for the carnage in Arizona. His inflammatory quote on the topic is indicative of

January 12, 2011 Blog

Elton John and Our Strange, Odd Little World

Poltico has a good background story on how Elton John ended up crooning at Limbaugh’s 100th wedding. John’s other project — crooning with rapper Eminem

June 17, 2010 Blog

Ken Hutcherson Performed Rush Limbaugh’s Fourth Traditional Marriage

Wow. Joe Jervis: Yesterday it was learned that the wedding of Rush Limbaugh was officiated by rabid homophobe Pastor Ken Hutcherson. Among Hutcherson’s many anti-gay

June 16, 2010 Blog

Elton John Is Singing At Homophobic Bigot Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding?

Principles are overrated, aren’t they, Sir Elton? Of course, that report says that Elton John is being paid over a million dollars to perform, and

June 05, 2010 Blog

Iceland Volcano Apparently Not God’s Punishment Against Gays, Says Rush Limbaugh

Man, and I was sure it was our fault again! According to Rush Limbaugh, though, God is making the Iceland volcano go boom in response

April 18, 2010 Blog

Disgusting: Rush Limbaugh Calls Kevin Jennings a Pervert

In a rant about President Obama, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh sarcastically said he wanted to thank the president for “appointing a pervert to

April 16, 2010 Blog

QOTD: Matt Taibbi

Oh, how I love him: Today I listened to Michael Medved and some moron from a “Religious Liberty” think-tank flipping out about the end of

March 10, 2010 Blog

Haitian Ambassador Rebukes Pat Robertson on The Rachel Maddow Show (UPDATED)

I posted earlier on Pat Robertson’s imbecilic suggestion that the Haitian earthquake, as well as their other day-to-day trials and tribulations, were the result of

January 13, 2010 Blog

A Deficit In Decency

There wasn’t a Billy left in the hills on Saturday, when tens of thousands of anti-government types, gun nuts, white supremacists, religious zealots, tax evaders

September 14, 2009 Blog
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