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On Obama and Marriage Equality

A couple of really good pieces are out this week which capture a lot of my own thoughts on the issue of why, precisely, Barack

June 21, 2011 Blog

Bloomberg Ties Support for Republican NY Senators to Marriage Equality Vote

This is pretty stunning: Urging lawmakers to put themselves on “the right side of history,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg visited the Capitol on Tuesday and

May 18, 2011 Blog

Last Sane Republican Standing?

I think this may be the one, folks.  Alan Simpson, former senator from Wyoming, correctly states that many of the members of his party are

April 13, 2011 Blog

GOP Presidential Prospects Dim Further As Roy Moore Throws In

What do you do when Michele Bachmann declares her desire to run for president, thus raising the bar on GOP Crazy to a whole new

March 29, 2011 Blog

Gays Rights Now A Wedge Issue for Liberals?

Haha, I agree with Dan here.  This is hilarious: In what is perhaps a watershed moment in the long fight for gay rights, the current

March 17, 2011 Blog

My Favorite Sign From This Weekend’s Planned Parenthood Rallies

Awesome: My only quibble is that pro-choice policies do far more to protect fetuses than so-called “pro-life” policies, so the sign sort of gives them

February 28, 2011 Blog

Gingrich Busted for Moral Hypocrisy by College Student

This is pretty sweet.  Matt Ortega at AmericaBlogElections sets it up: A college student at the University of Pennsylvania asked Newt Gingrich a very pointed

February 24, 2011 Blog

Sen. Scott Brown Opens Up About Being Sexually Abused as a Child

Wow. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) was sexually abused at the hands of a camp counselor at the age of 10, he says in a new

February 16, 2011 Blog

CPAC Reportedly Breaking Up With GOProud

So much for “conservatives don’t hate us, really!”: GOProud, the advocacy organization for homosexuals that also portrays itself as “conservative,” reportedly will be left out

February 14, 2011 Blog

CPAC, Summed Up

Roy Edroso compiled his favorite twenty-five quotes from CPAC for Esquire, and my goodness, this is really all you need to know about what appeals

February 14, 2011 Blog
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