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P-FOX Ally Fakes Incident to Incite Opposition to Gay, Gender Tolerance

Concerned Women for America and “Citizens for Responsible Government,” a Maryland antigay group connected with PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays), have been battling a

March 05, 2008 Blog

Two Gay Youths Killed in 10 Days: Ex-Gay Youth Leaders Give Nod to Oppression

Two gay U.S. teenagers have been brutally killed since Feb. 12, apparently because of their sexual orientation or gender variance. Exodus Youth — a Florida-based

February 24, 2008 Blog

PFOX Webmaster Writes Violent and Epithet-Laden Letter to Public Officials

The Montgomery County (Maryland) Council is considering a new gender identity nondiscrimination bill, which has angered some people – a few which have gone off

November 07, 2007 Blog, News, Press Release

Wayne Besen’s Weekly Column: The Day PFOX Cried Wolf

It was the oddest event in my fifteen-year activism career. I had ventured to Orlando, Florida last summer to attend the National Education Association’s annual

September 10, 2007 Blog

Truth Wins Out Calls for the Resignation of PFOX Executive Director Regina Griggs after Group Fabricates Hate Crime

The Depraved Actions of Griggs Are Sickening And Unconscionable, Says Truth Wins Out’ Executive Director Wayne Besen LOS ANGELES — Truth Wins Out called on

September 05, 2007 Blog, News, Press Release
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