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Porno Pete: I’m Not a Hate Group, I’m Incompetent

Porno Pete LaBarbera is gushing because his fringe organization, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, had its non-profit status reinstated. In his web post, he claims

October 11, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete Bashes Exodus’ Alan Chambers, But Omits His Own Failed Past With ‘Ex-Gays’

Porno Pete LaBarbera is in a swivet about this video, where Exodus’ Alan Chambers apologizes for misleading people with slogans like “Change is Possible.” According

September 02, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete’s Wishful Thinking Also Delusional

I cannot count the number of parents I’ve talked to over the course of my life who have said something to the effect of, “I’d

June 06, 2012 Blog

Screeching Loud Person Mad About Obama’s Marriage Equality Stance

This is a few weeks old, but Porno Pete posted this video of Michelle Malkin absolutely losing it on Fox News over Obama’s support for marriage

June 06, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete Upset With Target For Being Nice To Gay People

Target is donating proceeds from its Pride t-shirts to the Family Equality Council. This makes Porno Pete very, very angry: The Americans for Truth About

June 01, 2012 Blog

Travel Advisory: Porno Pete Does Spain!

I had intended to write about this on Friday, but didn’t have time, so I am not sure whether or not Porno Pete is still

May 29, 2012 Blog

Peter LaBarbera And Brian Camenker Play Victim, Compare Homosexuality to Racism

Oh, hate group leaders are so oppressed. They are also censored, because we are taking away their free speech! Thanks to the good folks at

May 24, 2012 Blog

Did Peter LaBarbera Dress Up In Drag And Go To Nebraska?

This video, of a woman testifying against, um, p-e-n-i-s-e-s and gays and declaring that gays molest schoolchildren because the kids don’t have AIDS yet, and

May 12, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete Openly Flirting With Dan Savage On Twitter

Oh, gawd, it really has come to this: For goodness sake, Peter, Dan is a married man. [h/t Jim

May 08, 2012 Blog

Ken Hutcherson Is The Gayest Guy Ken Hutcherson Knows

Remember a few weeks ago when I made fun of Pastor Ken Hutcherson for trying to “reclaim” the rainbow? Now he wants to reclaim the

May 04, 2012 Blog
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