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NOM’s “Education” Arm Holding Anti-Gay Youth Seminar

Despite the fact that young people overwhelmingly support LGBT rights — including marriage equality — and despite embarrassing results the last time it tried targeting youth

July 05, 2012 Blog

Wingnuts Play Dress-Up To Express Anger At Gay Breakfast Cereal

Ladies and gentlemen, I present some completely normal adults at the NOM protest against General Mills: [h/t Jeremy

July 03, 2012 Blog

At Least Three to Five NOM Supporters Picket General Mills

Field trip! At least three to five NOM/Minnesota 4 Marriage supporters gathered in front of the General Mills headquarters to complain about how their cereal

June 27, 2012 Blog

NOM Joins Porno Pete In Being Mad At Breakfast Cereal

This morning, I reported that Porno Pete is crying over the milk spilled from his General Mills cereal bowl, due to the fact that that

June 19, 2012 Blog

NOM’s Brian Brown Is A Big Mo For Marriage

That’s what the NOM blog says, anyway. As Jeremy points out, we are not kidding here, and we did not make this. It is on

June 15, 2012 Blog

NAACP President Ben Jealous Talks To Rachel Maddow About The Importance Of Supporting Marriage Equality

The issue of marriage equality is important for Ben Jealous, as he explained when announcing the NAACP’s endorsement of equal marriage rights. His parents’ own

May 23, 2012 Blog

NAACP Endorses Marriage Equality as a Civil Right

Last Saturday, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) — the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization — passed an historic

May 21, 2012 Blog

NOM Would Like President Obama To Denounce Dan Savage

Out of all of NOM’s failed campaigns of late, this one will be the biggest failure: You’ve heard about leading gay marriage activist Dan Savage’s

May 02, 2012 Blog

The Dumbest Thing Ever Written On Porno Pete’s Blog?

I hesitate to give today’s dispatch from Porno Pete’s Haus of Leather Photography, Sadness and Funyun Crumbs the title of “stupidest thing he’s ever posted,”

April 27, 2012 Blog

Invisible Children Touts Ties To NOM & Proposition 8 Funders

By Bruce Wilson, Talk2Action “A-1 Self Storage was one of the original donors who helped the founders of Invisible Children travel to Uganda and make

April 21, 2012 Blog, Opinion
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