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More Good Polling News For Our Side

A majority of people OPPOSED to marriage equality still realize that it's inevitable

June 06, 2013 News

NOM’s Latest Attempt At Making A Point Falls Flat

NOM doesn't hate us! They just want to deny us happy, equal lives. That's all

June 05, 2013 Opinion

Mark Regnerus, Author Of Sham Gay Parenting Study, Claims Religion Explains The World

More on the Evangelical Right's efforts to infiltrate the world of academics with lies, distortions and more lies

June 03, 2013 News

NOM Really Enjoying Illinois ‘Victory’

I suppose the status quo in Illinois is about the best NOM can hope for these days

June 03, 2013 Opinion

Anti-Gay Folks Already Support Equality, You Guys!

If by "equality," you mean equal rights to do whatever the Religious Right says

May 16, 2013 Opinion

Brian Brown Is Just So Upset About Minnesota!

To be fair, losing every single day has got to be horrible

May 10, 2013 Opinion

NOM Cherrypicks Opinions Of Two Individuals To Claim We Are ‘Lying’ About Wanting Marriage Equality

These tactics may work on their followers, but the rest of the country isn't that stupid

May 08, 2013 Opinion

NOM’s Brian Brown Simply Delusional At This Point

It's not what he's saying that's disturbing; it's that he seems to be talking to himself

May 06, 2013 Opinion

I Made NOM’s New Anti-Obama Graphic Better

It's so sad when wingnuts try to be funny.

April 30, 2013 Opinion

New NOM Stooge Is Really Wordy, Saying Nothing

One of NOM's new writers manages to blather on for 1500 words or so, yet say

April 19, 2013 Opinion
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