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Louis Marinelli Brings NOM Down to Size

The other day, we reported on Louis Marinelli, who used to run the social media and bus-touring departments of the National Organization for Marriage, and

April 11, 2011 Blog

NOM Turns One Of Their Own Into Marriage Equality Supporter

Jeremy Hooper has the goods on this amazing story.  Louis Marinelli, who became quite influential within the National Organization for Marriage over the past couple

April 08, 2011 Blog

I Agree: Don’t Protest Outside People’s Houses, People

Sometimes gay activists are dumb. Such is the case of a group of gays who decided to protest a Canadian florist who won’t provide flowers

March 29, 2011 Blog

Maggie Gallagher Has Fun With Numbers!

I’d say she’s lying here, but I’m not sure she’s that smart: Do a Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage? Well, several polls have been

March 22, 2011 Blog

Dumpage of the Linkage

Forthwith, the remaining open tabs in my browser: 1.  Brian at Right Wing Watch points us to the new, garbled, illogical pamphlet from hate group

March 11, 2011 Blog

Maggie Gallagher Will Now Tell Barack Obama How Black People Are

She is so arrogant, and with absolutely nothing to back it up: Maggie Gallagher says President Barack Obama has little influence on the African-American community’s

March 07, 2011 Blog

Sarah Palin Denounces DOMA Decision; Facts, Grammar Wrong As Usual

Word salad and factual problems;  it’s another day in Sarah Palin’s life! Sarah told the National Organization for Marriage these things about the Obama administration’s

March 01, 2011 Blog

Dumpage of the Linkage

Here’s some other stuff you might be interested in: 1. The “Christian Medical Association,” which seems to exist to protect doctors and other medical professionals

February 18, 2011 Blog

Pompous, Thrice-Married, Bankruptcy-Prone Man With Unfortunate Hair Against Marriage Equality

It’s kinda funny since it was the geniuses at GOProud who invited Donald Trump to CPAC in the first place, but there you have it:

February 17, 2011 Blog

Maggie Gallagher and Kathryn Jean Lopez Talk Smack About Gays for Valentine’s Day

Let me just let Ken Layne at Wonkette set this little “discussion about marriage” between NOM’s Maggie Gallagher & “journalism’s” Kathryn Jean Lopez for you:

February 14, 2011 Blog
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