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New York: Three Kids Charged in Anti-Gay Attack

This is what so many kids deal with every day: Three teenagers beat and slapped a younger boy during bus rides to and from school

October 14, 2010 Blog

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Baits Gays In Order to Show Distaste for Muslims

If you’re not familiar with Greg Gutfeld, I don’t blame you.  Most of us would rather do anything else in the known universe than watch

August 10, 2010 Blog

Fight Inequality with Inequality?

Recent protests in Albany and Providence spotlighted a stark difference in strategies among supporters of marriage equality. Having lost civil public debates over the supposed

July 27, 2010 Blog

Marriage Equality Supporters Outshine NOM in Albany

We congratulate upstate New Yorkers today for their phenomenal demonstration of love and peace in contrast to the fear and prejudice of the National Organization

July 17, 2010 Blog

Focus on the Family Says N.Y. Voters, Not God, Should Define Marriage

A New York appeals court ruled last week that legislators must allow same-sex couples residing in New York, that have been married in other states,

November 23, 2009 Blog

Marriage Mania

Family Law Attorney Don Schweitzer appeared on the O’Reilly Factor to oppose same-sex marriage. When pressed, he could not come up with a cogent or

May 30, 2008 Blog
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