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NOM Is Apparently Cash-Poor These Days, Too

It’s never a good idea to assume that Brian Brown or NOM are telling the truth, but Joe has this fundraising letter from them posted

December 14, 2011 Blog

This Is Rich: NOM’s Brian Brown Raising Money for Newt Gingrich

We know that the people who run the National Organization for Marriage are nothing if not flaming, dishonest hypocrites. That’s a given. But it’s a

December 09, 2011 Blog

The Slope that Did Not Slip: Another Anti-Gay Argument In The Trash Heap

Anti-gay organizations and politicians like Rick Santorum have long argued against marriage equality by saying it would create a slippery slope leading to the legalization

November 25, 2011 Blog

How To Survive Thanksgiving When You’re A Total Loser Bigot

Say what you will about Maggie Gallagher — seriously, go ahead, say what you will — but you can’t say she doesn’t like to help,

November 23, 2011 Blog

Um, If We’re Talking About Ripping Books Out of the Bible, Maggie…

Maggie Gallagher, whining about gays and stuff: “It’s becoming increasingly clear that the gay rights movement, the gay marriage movement, really does believe you’re like

November 16, 2011 Blog

Canadian Dude Is Victim of American Marriage Equality, But Not Canadian Marriage Equality

This is NOM’s latest episode of “Grown Adults Bitching and Moaning,” and it features a man named Damian Goddard, who used to be a sportscaster

November 15, 2011 Blog

Iowa Bigots Sad

Boo-hoo: Pro-family groups in Iowa say hopes for a marriage amendment in that state have all but faded now that Tuesday’s election has left Democrats

November 10, 2011 Blog

Oh, Remember the Weird Robo Calls In Iowa? The Democrat Won.

This is very good news. I wrote about the campaign between Democrat Liz Mathis and Republican Cindy Golding yesterday, focusing on the weird robo calls

November 09, 2011 Blog

NOM Admits Their True Beliefs Repulse Normal Human Voters

Earlier this afternoon, I wrote about a weird robo call going around in an Iowa state senate race, which asks voters to call the Democrat

November 08, 2011 Blog

Iowa RoboCalls Accuse Democrat of “Endorsing Homosexual Sex Acts”

If wingnuts ruled the world [more than they already do], it would probably be commonplace for political candidates to have to put in their platform

November 08, 2011 Blog
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