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Message to John McCain: Over a Million Gay Soldiers Fought for Your Freedom

John McCain spent the 2008 campaign leaning on his own story of military service [FIVE AND A HALF YEARS, ALAN!] in order to avoid answering

November 19, 2010 Blog

Lieberman Says DADT Repeal Has 60 Votes

I hope he’s right: Sen. Joe Lieberman said Thursday that repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” as part of the National Defense Authorization Act is no

November 18, 2010 Blog

Tony Perkins Scaremongers, Plays Race Card, Re: DADT Repeal

I feel like I could have typed that headline fifty times in the past year, but whatever. He’s at it again: Barack Obama is opposed

November 18, 2010 Blog

Gay Groups Divided on Including DADT Repeal in Defense Authorization

This is, admittedly, kind of strange.  From Politico, this morning: Two gay troops’ groups will announce today that they’d support breaking off DADT repeal if

November 15, 2010 Blog

Defense Department Study: Over 70% of Troops See No Harm in Repealing DADT

Read it and weep at the loss of your comrades in bigotry, Elaine Donnelly, Tony Perkins, etc.: A Defense Department study group has found that

November 11, 2010 Blog

‘You know what would honor veterans today? To treat soldiers like grown-ups.’

Please read The Rude Pundit’s comment on Veterans’ Day and DADT repeal in toto. That is all

November 11, 2010 Blog

If Survey Results on DADT Don’t Show Bigotry, FRC Assumes They’re Wrong

These people really do live in a fantasy world. The Pentagon study on DADT repeal has shown, according to early reports, that most troops don’t

November 05, 2010 Blog

Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt Does His Greatest Hits for David Pakman

Gordon Klingenschmitt is crazy.  Like, LaBarbera crazy.  All you need to know is that he comes from that brand of Christianity which teaches that you

October 21, 2010 Blog

Dear Bryan Fischer: You Are Already Being Defended by Those You Consider ‘Sexual Deviants’

I’m about sick of Bryan Fischer at this point.  Come on, SPLC:  I think it’s time for the American Family Association to win one of

September 21, 2010 Blog

DADT Repeal: Next Steps

In the wake of the court decision which declared Don’t Ask Don’t Tell unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds, people may be curious where things go

September 10, 2010 Blog
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