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Nathaniel Frank on Gays Serving in Militaries Around the World

One of the points that’s always brought up when DADT repeal is mentioned, a point that bigots never really have a response for, is that

December 07, 2010 Blog

Three Quick Afternoon Links For Thee

It’s sort of a slow news day, but there are three interesting pieces sitting here as open tabs on my screen, so I will share

December 03, 2010 Blog

Tiniest Violins Play for Bigoted Military Chaplains

One of the things I keep seeing in discussion of the Pentagon report on DADT repeal is that there are some military chaplains who are

December 02, 2010 Blog

The DADT Hearings Did Not Go Well for the GOP

Igor Volsky has a handy round-up of this morning’s DADT hearings over at the Wonk Room, and provides this compilation of Republican talking points, and

December 02, 2010 Blog

Want to Listen to Elaine Donnelly Lie and Squawk?

Knock yourself out.  The gay veterans in the clip wipe the floor with her, as is par for the course when Elaine Donnelly debates people.

December 01, 2010 Blog

Watch the Hate Group Family Research Council Lie With Polls!

If you’ve been following the Culture Wars for any period of time, you’ve probably noticed that polls in the Real World are never the same

December 01, 2010 Blog

What of The Minority of Servicemembers Opposed to DADT Repeal?

It’s the Rude Pundit, so shield your eyes if you’re feeling prudish, but as is so often the case, he cuts right to the heart

December 01, 2010 Blog

Here’s the DADT Repeal Ad Fox News Doesn’t Want You To See

Generals from around the world, from our NATO allies, talking about how gays openly serving in the military is really, seriously, no biggie.  What does

November 24, 2010 Blog

No DADT Discharges in the Past 30 Days

This is good news: No U.S. service members have been discharged for being openly gay in the month since the Defense Department adopted new rules

November 23, 2010 Blog

Navy Chief Praises DADT Survey, Isolating McCain Further

Will John McCain end up standing in a corner all alone with his bigotry?  It’s starting to look like it, unless he comes down with

November 22, 2010 Blog
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