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Mike Huckabee Very Upset About DOMA Announcement!

Still an idiot. [h/t Jim Burroway

February 25, 2011 Blog

Mike Huckabee Inexplicably Blames Gay Couples for ‘Derelict Dads’

This only makes sense if you understand that wingnuts don’t think along normal patterns of analysis, but instead just react to dogwhistles — in this

February 23, 2011 Blog

At Values Voters Summit, It’s All About Preaching

Sarah Posner is sitting through the muck of the Values Voters Summit, and after the first morning, it seems that, with the exception of Mitt

September 17, 2010 Blog

Geraldo Rivera Would Vote For Mike Huckabee For President; Says Liberals Whine and Complain

Here is a disturbing excerpt from Nicki Gostin’s Pop Eater interview with Geraldo Rivera: I’m sorry, but I still find it fascinating that you are

September 08, 2010 Blog

GOProud’s ‘Homocon’ Convention Headlined by Gay-Baiting Ann Coulter

Gay conservatives are just like other gays! There’s not anything about their ideology that betrays fundamental psychological issues ranging from general self-loathing to a pathetic

August 06, 2010 Blog

The Circumstances Under Which Mike Huckabee Would Go Gay [Wingnut Jokes]

If his only lady-choices were Nancy Pelosi and Helen Thomas, Mike Huckabee would be “for same-sex marriage,” presumably his own. Seriously, that’s what he said.

June 20, 2010 Blog

Rosie O’Donnell vs. Mike Huckabee on Gay Parenting

Oh boy, Rosie really takes Mike Huckabee to task and gently, ever so gently, exposes him as a moron. In this clip, Rosie is talking

April 23, 2010 Blog

Rachel Maddow vs. Mike Huckabee’s Whining

Mike Huckabee made news last week when he told a student reporter at the College of New Jersey, among other things, that happily coupled gays

April 15, 2010 Blog

Radical Cleric Lou Engle Believes Homosexuality Is A “Demon Spirit”

I want to say something clever about this piece from Bruce Wilson of Talk2Action, to add something to it, but I really can’t. Lou Engle,

December 19, 2009 Blog
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