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Kathy Griffin Confronts Michele Bachmann, Is My Hero

Haha, this is amazing. Kathy Griffin recounts on stage her chance meeting with Minnesota Congresswoman and presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. I’m working on a piece

June 23, 2011 Blog

On Obama and Marriage Equality

A couple of really good pieces are out this week which capture a lot of my own thoughts on the issue of why, precisely, Barack

June 21, 2011 Blog

Live-Blogging the Republican Debate!

Are you watching the Republican debate tonight?  I am, for unknown reasons!  Let us watch it together and live-blog it! 8:04:  They are introducing themselves!

June 13, 2011 Blog

Michele Bachmann Cheerfully Yammers For Five Minutes About Hating Gays

DSM-IV material. Hey Crazy Eyes:  Y’all still watching Glee?  In your family, Kurt might have shot himself by now. [h/t Joe

June 07, 2011 Blog

Hate Pastor Bradlee Dean Offers Opening Prayer in Minnesota Legislature

To refresh everyone’s memories, Bradlee Dean is the crazy hate pastor in Minnesota, a close associate of Michele Bachmann’s, who believes that supporting gay rights

May 20, 2011 Blog

Gay Republican Activists Still Really Not Looking For Dignity

Look, I appreciate groups like GOProud to a point, just because watching people like Tony Perkins pull their hair out and have temper tantrums is

May 06, 2011 Blog

Truth Wins Out Questions Michele Bachmann’s Sincerity After She Embraces Glee Stars At Time Magazine Gala

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE It is Unfathomable That America’s Biggest Homophobe Lets Her Children Watch America’s Gayest Television Show, says TWO BURLINGTON, Vt. – Truth Wins

May 03, 2011 Press Release

Bachmann Family Gay for ‘Glee,’ Bieber

After a long hard day of wingnutting, what does the family of crazy-eyed Minnesota congresswoman Michele do to kick back?  Well, of course, they watch

May 02, 2011 Blog

Two Minutes, Forty-Sex Seconds of Michele Bachmann Making Various Words

These are the words that she thinks are normal.  Enjoy! [h/t Joe] I think she’s crying for help, y’all

April 26, 2011 Blog

Is Gayness Just As Dangerous As Secondhand Smoke? Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty Don’t Know!

Why is everybody asking them all these hard questions?!  I mean, it’s not as if the Republican primaries are coming up, the season where [even

April 21, 2011 Blog
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