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Matt Barber

Matt Barber Rings In New Year With Attempts At Limerick-Writing

This is obviously not Barber's first experience with good-natured joshing

January 02, 2014 News

Matt Barber Thinks Anti-Gay Bigots Are Just Like Jesus

No one has ever accused Matt Barber of being Christ-like

December 12, 2013 Blog

Christian Hate Group Leaders Demonstrate Need For NALT Christians Project

Anti-Gay Leaders Refer To NALT Contributors As Apostates Who Have Renounced Their Faith.

September 19, 2013 Press Release

Mat Staver And Matt Barber Are So Angry With Chris Christie

More complaining from the Religious Right about New Jersey's law banning "ex-gay" therapy for minors

August 22, 2013 News

Matt Barber Willing To Go To Jail To Protest Marriage Equality

Martyr, martyr, martyr, martyr, martyr

August 21, 2013 News

Matt Barber And Steve Crampton Claim That Gays Are Basically Monsters

A street preacher was attacked by a straight man at Seattle Pride, therefore gays are lust-filled reprobates

July 15, 2013 News

Matt Barber Worried He Could Be Jailed For Being Wingnut

More dramatic readings from the Religious Right in the wake of last week's SCOTUS decision

July 02, 2013 Opinion

Porno Pete And Matt Barber Very Excited Exodus Is Shutting Down

They deserve an A for Effort as they try to put a positive spin on the negation of their lives' work

June 20, 2013 Opinion

Your Handy Guide To The Poorly Attended Porno-Pete-A-Palooza In DC Yesterday

Scenes from the anti-gay clown car protest in Washington,

June 05, 2013 Opinion
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