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DOMA Unconstitutional, Says Bush-Appointed Judge

Activist judge! Activist Republican judge! This afternoon, Bush appointee Judge Jeffrey White (Northern District of California) struck down DOMA as unconstitutional under the equal protection

February 23, 2012 Blog

Michelle Duggar’s Tips For A Healthy Marriage

Really. This is happening. If you want an insight into the worldview that informs the people who oppose LGBT equality, take a gander at Michelle

February 22, 2012 Blog

Prop 8 Backers Will Ask for En Banc Review

As many expected, the proponents of Proposition 8 are delaying their ultimate loss as long as they possibly can by asking for a full en

February 21, 2012 Blog

Christie Has Vetoed New Jersey’s Marriage Equality Bill

Ugh: Gov. Chris Christie has followed through on his promise to reject a bill allowing same-sex marriage in New Jersey by quickly vetoing the measure

February 17, 2012 Blog

“Ex-Gay” Greg Quinlan Hysterically Reports on the State of Marriage Equality

“Ex-gay” Greg Quinlan, who needs you to know that, even when he wasn’t repressing his natural desires, he wasn’t a “flaming faggot,” is really, really,

February 17, 2012 Blog

Marriage Equality Passes New Jersey House By Large Margin; Wingnut Governor Still Promises to Veto

Good news, but it’s too bad the blowhard governor of New Jersey is still promising to veto the bill: The 42-33 vote Thursday sends the

February 16, 2012 Blog

Wingnut Argues For ‘Traditional Marriage,’ Gets Lost in Semantics and Chasing Own Tail

Selwyn Duke over at the American Stinker, with his case for how to win the debate on marriage and keep gays and lesbians from ever

February 15, 2012 Blog

Marriage Equality For Washington State: Signed

Here’s your picture of Washington state governor Chris Gregoire signing the marriage equality bill today, via Eli Sanders at the Stranger

February 13, 2012 Blog

Amazing Video of a Washington State Republican Who GETS IT

This video made me tear up and laugh and all the rest. A Republican lawmaker testifying in support of marriage equality in Washington state. Her

February 10, 2012 Blog

The Snarkiest Comments in the Prop 8 Decision

The Rude Pundit, having read the entire Prop 8 decision, notes that it’s pretty obvious, reading the entire thing, that the justice who wrote the

February 09, 2012 Blog
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