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Second GOP Senator, Mark Kirk, Backs Marriage Equality

Our side of the fence is getting crowded, in the best way

April 02, 2013 News

Maine and Maryland Vote For Gay Marriage — History Is Made and Key Barrier Is Broken

From the ACLU: Voters in Maryland approved a ballot measure today that would grant same-sex couples the freedom to marry and access to all of

November 07, 2012 Press Release

Read This Before You Leave for Work

Hopefully I’ve caught at least some of you before you’ve headed out the door, because after reading this letter posted by the Southern Poverty Law

August 15, 2012 Blog

NOM’s “Education” Arm Holding Anti-Gay Youth Seminar

Despite the fact that young people overwhelmingly support LGBT rights — including marriage equality — and despite embarrassing results the last time it tried targeting youth

July 05, 2012 Blog

Congratulations to Mary Cheney and Heather Poe on their Marriage

Two of my favorite girls actually got married in Washington DC the other day, so it’s fun to see that Mary Cheney, daughter of Dick

June 22, 2012 Blog

If Children Are Required To Give A Relationship “Life,” Then I Pity Linda Harvey

Here is Linda Harvey, doing her old anti-gay song and dance, the one she does 24/7, never saying anything new, just re-arranging words in order

June 18, 2012 Blog

Illinois Hate Group Upset About Marriage Equality Lawsuits

Something that’s very strange about the Religious Right, hate groups in particular, is how, even when they’re not lying, they report everything just breathlessly, as if

May 30, 2012 Blog

Zach Wahls Talks To Reason TV

We all love Zach Wahls, the straight son of lesbian parents who came to prominence when he delivered a memorable speech to the Iowa House

May 29, 2012 Blog

There Is A Slippery Slope From Believing In Science, Leading Directly To Supporting Equality

Fact-challenged creationist Ken Ham doesn’t use the terms I did above, but nonetheless explains that “belief in evolution” leads directly to supporting gay marriage. This

May 25, 2012 Blog

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Destroys Tony Perkins On Air

Oh, Tony. You’re finally being called to account for your vicious hatred for gay people, and it’s lovely. Tony Perkins, hate group leader extraordinaire, has

May 24, 2012 Blog
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