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Ninth Circuit to Hear Prop 8 Appeal Case on December 6

I got the text message about this yesterday afternoon and forgot to throw something up, so in case you haven’t heard: A federal appeals court

October 22, 2010 Blog

Alec Baldwin Fights Back for Equality in New York

And, of course, to marry his One True Love, Jesse Tyler Furgason of Modern Family. Great video, for Fight Back NY. [h/t HuffPost

October 20, 2010 Blog

Dramatic! Iowa Lawmaker Says Day Gay Marriage was Legalized was ‘Worst Day of his Life’

This is what happens when people are trained from a young age to fear invisible boogeymen lurking around every corner: State Rep. Kevin Koester, R-Ankeny,

October 08, 2010 Blog

Re: The Mid-Term Elections

The mid-term elections are now just under a month away.  LGBT people are, understandably, frustrated with the slow progress of things like DADT repeal, ENDA,

October 05, 2010 Blog

Minnesota Catholics Getting Special DVD About Hating Gays From Bishops

Check your mailboxes later this week, Minnesota Catholics, because your bishops are sending you a very special present! More than 400,000 DVDs are being mailed

September 22, 2010 Blog

Latest Poll on Marriage Equality Shows Majority Support

The tipping point:  we are at it. A narrow majority of Americans support allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, a new AP poll released

September 20, 2010 Blog

Another Frivolous Religious Right Lawsuit Thrown Out of Court

They’ll keep suing, and they’ll just keep losing.  Do you all remember the student who was mad because he made a speech opposing marriage equality,

September 20, 2010 Blog

NOM’s DC Candidate Lost BIG Last Night

In case you missed this, it’s sort of funny, in that intense schadenfreude kind of way.  Joe Sudbay: The homophobic organization’s candidate for DC City

September 15, 2010 Blog

Study: Majority of Americans Include Married Gay Couples, Gay Parents in Definition of ‘Family’

Here’s another part of the so-called “culture wars” that we’ve won: A majority of Americans now say their definition of family includes same-sex couples with

September 15, 2010 Blog

Meghan McCain on Maddow

There’s much to disagree with in Meghan McCain’s politics, but she’s one of the growing number of Republican celebrities who are decidedly to the left

September 09, 2010 Blog
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