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American Catholics Overwhelmingly Support Gay Rights

It’s nice to see that American Catholics are paying less and less attention to what comes out of their church leaders’ mouths. Here are the

March 24, 2011 Blog

Ninth Circuit Won’t Lift Stay on California Marriages

Well, this is too bad: Filed order (STEPHEN R. REINHARDT, MICHAEL DALY HAWKINS and N. RANDY SMITH) Having considered all of the factors set forth

March 23, 2011 Blog, News

Maggie Gallagher Has Fun With Numbers!

I’d say she’s lying here, but I’m not sure she’s that smart: Do a Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage? Well, several polls have been

March 22, 2011 Blog

Gays Rights Now A Wedge Issue for Liberals?

Haha, I agree with Dan here.  This is hilarious: In what is perhaps a watershed moment in the long fight for gay rights, the current

March 17, 2011 Blog

Indiana Corporation: Banning Same-Sex Marriage Bad For Business

Certain legislators in Indiana’s Senate are trying to push codify bigotry in their state’s Constitution by explicitly banning same-sex marriage, and it’s opening up an

March 17, 2011 Blog

Iowa Pastor Knows More About Martin Luther King’s Beliefs Than King’s Wife Did

Here is Keith Ratliff, the pastor of the Maple Street Missionary Baptist Church in Des Moines, speaking to some sort of anti-gay rally in Iowa,

March 17, 2011 Blog

Ellen DeGeneres and Other Celebrities Pressure Obama on Marriage Equality

Every voice helps: A group of business leaders and Hollywood celebrities are urging President Obama to support gay rights more strongly by backing same-sex marriage.

March 14, 2011 Blog

House DOMA Repeal Bill Coming Wednesday

The Advocate: Legislation to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act will be introduced in the House on Wednesday by Reps. Jerrold Nadler, John Conyers, and

March 14, 2011 Blog

Dumpage of the Linkage

Forthwith, the remaining open tabs in my browser: 1.  Brian at Right Wing Watch points us to the new, garbled, illogical pamphlet from hate group

March 11, 2011 Blog

Maryland Marriage Equality Vote Postponed, Sent Back To Committee

Via Towleroad: The Maryland House has postponed a vote on the marriage equality bill, sending it back to committee, perhaps because supporters didn’t feel it

March 11, 2011 Blog
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